Seaburn and it’s lovely sandy beaches…..

A lovely clear sunny day for us to explore south of the Tyne. A bit of a drive down to our most southerly destination from this site to a suburb of Sunderland called Hendon. Just beyond the expansive Sunderland docks a strip of rather greyish sand located down some back alley accessed through a rather rundown industrial estate. Not the ideal spot for a summer holiday, though appearing popular with anglers and ‘kids’ with nothing better to do than ride up and down the half a mile or so of concrete promenade on their (or indeed someone else’s -it was that kind of place!) motorbikes.

Needless to say we didn’t stop long and at no point did we go out of eyeshot of the car! Back across Sunderland Docks to the much more desirable Seaburn seaside village. Our first stop was the pretty inner Roker Harbour Beach, wonderfully sheltered by two long sea walls and I would imagine good for swimming.

We wandered out along one of the sea walls to get a closer look at Roker Lighthouse.

Continuing north beyond the sea walls are not the ever increasing (as the tide is dropping) sandy Roker Beach.

Backed by a promenade and a series of bars and restaurants – quite the place to be on a warm summers evening.

At the end of the beach we climbed up onto the headland of Parson’s Rock (a rocky outcrop separating the two main beaches) taking a moment to look at Seaburn Lighthouse.

Before wandering down onto Seaburn Sands or Whitburn Sands (it seems to be called either depending on what map you are looking at) another lovely stretch of low tide sand.

Both beaches look to have a strip of soft dry sand above the high tide mark.

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