A wild walk battling the tides…

Well a bit on the wild side again, with yhe odd shower but mostly dry and a fair bit of sunshine around. Today, I spenot a chunk of the day working out the new phone and sorting photos before we set out for our walk. Even though the tide was fully in, I had though that there would be a little bit of sand to spare at our favourite Eyebroughy Beach – not so ….

In fact we didn’t even make it as far as our beach as the tide was too high and the waves crashing in cutting us off from the beach. We sat on a little dry patch of stones for awhile to see if it was worth trying to wait it out, keeping a watchful eye mind as we weren’t certain that the tide was fully in and I think this was close enough!

Poppydog was happy – as long as she has a stone to chase!

After a while we gave it up as a bad job and retreated to King’s Cairn beach, which was already showing some sand.

This beach was deserted so even though there was only a thin strip of sand there was plenty of room for Poppydog.

Along the John Muir Trail to North Berwick….

Another cloudy and windy day, but it is dry and certainly not cold, so we will cope. As the wind is howling and the tide is fully in so we decided to follow the John Muir Trail into North Berwick. The trail meanders inland a little around the golf courses and across farmland all very pleasant and eventually leading us out onto a rather exclusive street on the outskirts of North Berwick.

With some beautiful stone houses – most of them are absolutely huge! Who needs a house that big?

From here we ended up in the old town centre with pretty painted terraces and a nice mix of little shops, galleries and eateries.

We took a brief look at the long West Beach, still a nice stretch of soft sand, though no sign of the large paddling pool that we know is hidden under the tide.

After a bit of a wander around we returned to the East Beach for Poppydog to have a little play.

Before heading back the way we had come. A lovely 8.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Playing catch up on these blogs as I have been a bit distracted by the new phone!

I wonder what sort of families live in these huge houses, surely you could go a week without seeing anyone?

A walk along Longniddry Bents…..

A rather cloudy and very windy day today. As we needed to pop into a retail park in Edinburgh later, we decided to take a look at Longniddry Bents. Now the tides are a little against us at the moment and were fairly fully in but as we got down to the beach, we were pleased to find a long strip of soft sand.

The wind was blowing straight down the beach and was pretty fierce not that it stopped Poppydog from dashing into the waves.

At the end of the beach we were separated from Seton Sands by a stream crossing the beach.

Poppydog is quite fascinated with rolling around and hiding in the marram grass.

In the meantime the sky and sea is looking pretty angry, perhaps it is time for us to head back.

Two thoughts of the day:

A new phone and a new Dyson- guess which one I will be playing with first!

Uploading photos for this blog is a bit of a chore at the moment as the signal strength is almost non existent at this site.

A wander through Archerfield’s Estate and Dirleton…..

A bit of a showery start to the day, but that soon passed through, leaving us with a greyish day. A break away from the beach today we decided to take a walk along the John Muir Way from site. As a slight detour we wandered around the exclusive Archersfield Estate with some pretty huge houses but somehow feeling a little soulless – somehow a sign saying ‘Slow children playing’ didn’t seem very likely !

Next stop on our little meander was the Walled Garden – nice dog friendly cafe and artisan shop – oh yes and Walked Garden.

We then walked into Dirleton a very pretty old village centred around the castle (hidden behind trees but the wall looked very nice!).

A stolen glimpse through the gate at the gardens beyond.

And a large village green, edged with pretty flower endorsed cottages.

A rather imposing Doocot or Pidgeon House stands within the castle grounds.

And now the sun is out, it is time for us to wander back to site. A very pleasant 6.5 mile stroll.

Enjoying a few days off in this glorious weather…..

Sunday dawned (well around 8.30 ish!) with a swirly mist, one minute we were if gorgeous sunshine and the next shrouded in mist – quite bizarre, though nice and warm. As we ventured down to the main beach, Broad Sands, the beach was busy but all swirly in mist.

As we walked a bit further along to ‘Our beach – Eyebroughy’ it was clearing nicely and a stunning afternoon on this deserted beach was our destination.

The sea is on its way out and beautifully clear and flat calm – perfect for playing in the shallows and on the empty firm sand.

Monday was a perfect day, hot and sunny and a little quieter as it is not a Bank Holiday here in Scotland and all the local children are back at school.

It came as no surprise to find our beach empty, though only probably a mile or so along the footpath from the main car park this seems to be enough to deter most.

This beach is such a find, absolutely beautiful – I am hard pushed to think of a nicer one – especially as we always seem to get it to ourselves!

A good day for a bit of a paddle.

Now if only I could find away to persuade Poppydog to lie in the shade and relax!

Still with 3 tennis balls and the thrower, I can almost manage the odd sit down in the sun!

Tuesday – yet another glorious day, so we headed straight along to ‘our’ beach and enjoyed another peaceful afternoon in the sun, even venturing out for a bit of a dip (not an actual swim but a good dunk!) a couple of times.

We really are having a bit of a holiday within a huge holiday – what a fabulous place we have found!

Fidra Island looking rather splendid.

Broad Sands looking much quieter and absolutely stunning with Bass Rock (on the right) and Craigleith Islands in the background.

Two thoughts of the day:

Thank you to the lovely person who found the dog bowl I dropped on my way down to the beach and had the foresight to place it on a post in full view.

Thank you to everyone else for walking by and leaving it there for me to find some four hours later!