Off to walk a bit of Hadrian’s Wall…

Not a very lovely day for it, but we’ve been promising ourselves for ages that we would find a bit if Hadrian’s Wall to walk along. After a probably fairly unnecessary long journey we happened upon the National Trust Homesteads site just north of Bardon Mill – miles from anywhere actually, but as is often the case, I’ve only done some half cocked research and not used the Sat Nav – so here we are…

So this is the bit that we could actually walk along, mostly the footpath runs along the remnants of the actually wall. We did get to see it disappearing both off to the east….

And to the west….

Frankly it was too miserable to walk far and to be honest I was a bit disappointed having expected something like the Great Wall of China, though I can appreciate the massive achievement of its time. So instead we wandered around the Homesteads ruins for a bit.

Now we are both pretty damp and cold, I didn’t feel like prolonging the agony by stopping for a cup of tea and a bun, so we set off on our long journey back home.

Not our best day out but hey another thing checked off the imaginary ‘Bucket List’.

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