Fell Foot to the top of Gummer’s How…..

A wet start to the day but by late morning the rain had left us with a lot of grey cloud and a coolish breeze. We parked up in the NT car park at Fell Foot and set off to walk up Gummer’s How. The first mile or so was up a steep lane, with glimpses through the trees of Lake Windermere below.

At the top of the hill there is a Forestry Commission car park, from here the footpath continues across the moorland and up a steep incline, much of which is up a series of higgledy piggledy stone steps – quite daunting to the eye but actually not that bad!

The top 321m !

We spent a while up on the top exploring all the different view points – low level cloud preventing us from picking out the higher peaks (like we would know then from sight!) but pretty amazing anyway..

To the north end of Lake Windermere

To the south..

And looking over to the ever present Morecambe Bay..

We rambled around up here some more before taking much the same route back down.

I have climbed Gummer’s How a few times as a child but I’m afraid it brought back no particular memories. This on the other hand…

The little jetties onto Windermere at what was Lakeland Caravan Site, Sitting in the shadow of Gummer’s How, where we spent a good few Easter Holidays as children pottering on the water with our dinghy – happy days!

Two thoughts of the day:

I wish I could remember better those childhood days!

Poppydog remains on high alert although Football Boy appears to have gone home!

A bad idea to walk to Foulshaw in the rain….

A bit of a miserable one for us today with a cold wind blowing to make it feel worse! It was grey and dry at lunchtime so we decided to pop down the road and pick up the coastal path higher up the River Kent at Sampool Bridge. Parking the car we crossed the busy A590 and set off down a quiet single track lane to Foulshaw. After a short while it start to rain and with the wind blowing it in our faces, pleasant walking it did not make! A mile or so down the lane, we found the footpath but….

It was completely mud bound and water logged – now I was wearing walking boots, which would have no doubt survived, as would Poppydog but they would not have been pretty – so instead we continued along the lane, facing into the rain and feeling somewhat disenchanted! The walk was rather dull, with flat fields of wet sheep on either side.

Another mile or so later we admitted defeat as the road petered out at Foulshaw (a collection of five or six houses), with no obvious way to access the path running along the embankment – ah well you live and learn!

Back on site, unfortunately Poppydog has turned into a quivering wreck as the little folk have appeared with scooters and footballs!

Two thoughts of the day:

This walk would have not been very interesting even on a good day but to be fair if it had been a better day we probably would have gone elsewhere!!

Poppydog is getting more and more hysterical at the sound or sight of a football and I’m really not sure what I can do about it – any ideas?

A circular walk from Flookburgh….

A bit more cloud and breeze around today, but some lovely hazy sunshine during the afternoon. Another quiet walk was the order of the day today and so off to Flookburgh we went. Parking up in the village centre we set off in search of the sea and after a mile or so as the road ran out, we joined a track running along the top of Old Embankment.

Several hundred metres of marshland separated us from miles of the low tide sand of Morecambe Bay and the sea, until we reached Cowpren Point where we were able to scramble over the grassy hummocks and step over the little water inlets onto the beach.

Not the prettiest beach and like yesterday a bit on the muddy side but plenty of space for Poppydog to have a good run around with out causing any bother!

And look across Cartmel Sands at the mountains of The Lakes in the distance – can’t see any snow on the peaks anymore!

From here to Sandy Gate the path took us up the estuary, where we followed the lanes back into Flookburgh – a good 5 mile round walk with not a soul in sight.

Two thoughts of the day:

Baptiste – clear as mud as per!!

I always wondered where all the sand off Kennack and Kynance went to during the winter – well its all up here in Morecambe Bay!!!

A walk from Haverthwaite to Greenodd Sands….

Not quite wall to wall sun, but pretty much so. As the little folk have arrived we were looking for somewhere a bit off the beaten track and this 7 mile round trip certainly hit the mark.

We parked up in the little village of Haverthwaite and took the Cumbria cycle route along the shores of the River Leven (feeding from Windermere) towards Greenodd.

The track passes through woodland (Rousea Wood), marshy grazing land and nature reserve and over the 3 miles we passed one cyclist and two walkers – so perfect. Oh and look who else we saw?

Seriously think these cows are so photogenic!

As we arrived at the footbridge to Greenodd the river bank widens and gives way to a large expanse of slightly muddy sand (tidal).

Plenty of space for Poppydog to stretch her legs, though she did become a bit irritating barking all the while for me to throw stones – of which there were none, so she got put back on the lead!

We turned about at Mearness Point and followed a slightly different route back.

Two thoughts of the day:

I love it when a plan comes together!

Fortunately this muddy sand dries easily to dust – pfff and it is gone!

Does the sun always shine on Walney?….

A frosty start to another fabulous day. Though a bit of a trek from here, the day is just too nice, so off to Walney we head. This time we parked up at Sandy Gap (more free parking) immediately across the Island from the bridge to explore the southern half of Walney West Shore.

Just as we got onto the beach, Poppydog discovered an abandoned (well I hope it was abandoned!) football – oh she really is in heaven now!

So we spent a happy hour, not going far, playing football, loosely working our way along Biggar Bank Beach.

Eventually, as we were getting no where fast, I called time on the fun and games and hid the football behind a bin (ready for the next player to come along) and we continued our walk along the beach. From Bent Haw the beach has more frequent scars (patches of stones and broken shells) but still some lovely patches of sand in between.

What a beautiful afternoon and though there were quite a few wandering along the path on the top, the beach for the most part was empty.

Two thoughts of the day:

Fair trade Town? Ever heard of such a thing? Well for your info both Barrow-in-Furness and Ulverston are and according to google to qualify they have to serve Fairtrade Coffee and Tea at their Council Meetings and at least two shops / cafes must offer some Fairtrade products – really? I thought all councils were strapped for cash – feels like another town twinning project!

On a fairly similar vein – pleased to see that they have postponed making more sections of our motorways ‘smart’ until they have finished the existing sections – wow what an amazing level of common sense!