A life less complicated

Having reached a crossroads in my life I am choosing to step off the treadmill that is my busy life and take time out to travel.  On October 5th 2017 I set off with my Springer Poppy in our motorhome (subsequently swapped for a caravan) ‘freedombird’ initially to explore the remote beauty of the UK coastline and then – well let’s see……

We are compiling a beach guide on our way round: Freedombird UK Beach Guide

To catch up with our earlier adventures in:

  1. Cornwall from 5th October 17 to 11th February 18 –   Freedombird in Cornwall
  2. Devon from 11th February to 19th March 18 – Freedombird in North Devon
  3. Somerset from 19th March – 29th April 18 – Freedombird in Somerset
  4. South Wales from 29th April – 14th August 18 – Freedombird in South Wales
  5. West and North Wales from 14th August – 21st October 18 –


From the Devil’s Frying Pan to Church Cove….

A cracking hot and sunny summers day for us. We parked up in our secret lay-by at the top of Cadgwith and wandered through the lanes to join the coastal path at the Devil’s Frying Pan taking a quick look down at the tempting turquoise waters before heading south towards the Lizard.

This stretch of the coastal path is quite narrow following the cliff tops with stunning sea views all the while.

Soon we were looking down on Polgwidden, a stony cove with a small stone arch. Not accessible as far as I am aware although there did appear to be a rope at the bottom.

A lovely vista ahead with the Lifeboat Station and in the far distance Lloyd’s Signal station (our intended destination) perched on the distant headland.

Oh and we got seagull bombed!

Poppydog has been happily trotting ahead using the full length of her lead when I heard the distinctive sloshing sound indicating that she has found water…. or so I thought….

Yes indeed water of the incredibly muddy variety!!!

Lovely and cool now!!!

I’m not too concerned as I know we can get down to the sea just ahead in Church Cove.

As access to the sea here is via a steep concrete slip (from when the Lifeboat was stationed here) it is quite often deserted, not so today unfortunately so Poppydog has to stay on the lead but can still enjoy a splash around in the sea and a well needed clean up!

It really is very hot this afternoon so we decided not to continue but to sit and enjoy this lovely little cove for awhile.

Before heading back the way we came.

Only just over 3 miles but enough in this heat!

Along Predannack Downs to Kynance….

Another of those days that matured into a lovely sunny afternoon and evening. Today we returned to the NT car park at Higher Predannack and upon joining the coastal path we headed south towards Kynance.

Here too the coastal path runs through flower strewn meadows, mostly away from the cliff edge and with nobody about there was plenty of opportunity for Poppydog to run about freely.

The sea looks more peaceful today with an endless mix of blues and greens, blending into a clear blue sky and glittering under the sun. The odd yacht bobbing under full sail in the distance being the only reminder that we are not totally alone enjoying this beautiful afternoon,

After a while we arrive at Soapy Cove, still quite stony as the tide is high and though we would have both welcomed a paddle, I can’t find a safe route down or leastways one that we would be able to clamber our way back up.

Instead Poppydog has to make do with a wallow and drink in the stream that feeds its way down into the cove – she is never happier than when she is having a good wallow!

Soon we have our first breathtaking view of Kynance and the Lizard beyond.

Nearer and the thin strip of white sand appearing between the rocks as the tide recedes looks almost hand painted and surrounded by turquoise seas, quite unlike any seascape you would expect to see in the UK – again I am reminded of the natural beauty of our coastline. Above the cove the car park glittering with many many cars an indicator of just how many people will be clamouring to get down onto the beach as more sand appears and a very good reason for us to turn back!

We return via an inland path across the downs not encountering a soul.

Unless of course you count this little chap peering out of the shady hedgerow at us! Fortunately he and his companions are only curious enough to watch us pass by without the need to get any closer!

How amazing to walk these beautiful coastal downs a mere couple of miles from where we live!

A walk along Higher Predannack Cliff….

One of those fantastic days that start off grey and gloomy and then almost like switching on a light, the sun comes out and it just glorious. Inspired by our long inland walk around Predannack airfield yesterday, we decided to walk along the coastal path from the little NT car park at Higher Predannack Wollas.

After a short walk we reached the coastal path – this landscape is just so breathtaking, rugged cliffs, turquoise sea with waves capped in white as they crash against the rocks and the endless green cliff tops are sprinkled with multicoloured flowers…

Heading north towards Mullion we enter a flower strewn valley which appears to be Poppydog safe and so she’s off…. straight into the little stream running through the valley….

After a good wallow we carried on up the other side of the valley and here the wide grassy top provides a perfect Poppydog play ground….

And for me, well totally mesmerised by the carpet of flowers and so much sea…

There were very few other walkers around – they are so missing out! Soon we were looking down on this delightful sandy cove….

I can’t find a name for it and it didn’t look accessible but it did look inviting.

Just around the corner is Mullion Cove – the tide is too high for the sand to be exposed beyond the rocky shoreline, this beach is accessed via a tunnel from the harbour but again only at low tide – I guess we’ll have to come back!!

We completed our walk slightly inland along the downs that stretch from Mullion to Kynance with only a few distant grazing cattle for company – perfect.

An inland walk around Predannack Airfield…

Another grey day though still quite warm and more importantly dry. Today we are leaving the car at home and walking the short distance along the main road (which is now getting very busy as people pile onto and off the Lizard bound for and from the Point, Kynance Cove or Kennack Sands) to the turn off for Predannack Airfield. The airfield dates back to 1941 and the second WW but is now used as a training ground for nearby RNAS Culdrose helicopter flying and cattle grazing – fortunately these particular beauties were on the airfield side of the fence…

The footpath meanders through the downs, roughly following the perimeter fence with occasional sea glimpses (ahead initially towards Mullion) and then on our right as we turn southwards towards the Lizard.

Though not the most scenic walk it was indeed very peaceful, with mostly just birdsong for company as we didn’t see another soul – until we got nearer the active part of the airfield where we were joined by a couple of low flyers!!

We didn’t continue on to Lizard village, rather opting to cut across the downs through Windmill Farm Nature Reserve and completing this 7 mile circuit with a short walk back up the main road home.

Note Poppydog was kept on a very short lead through the reserve where dogs are strictly not allowed but we didn’t see anything for her to disturb anyway!

A stroll through Degibna Wood to Loe Pool….

A grey day for us today but still quite warm and with just the odd spit in the air a good day for a socially distanced walk with friends and dogs. We met up in the NT car park at Degibna and meandered down through the woodlands until we came across the grassy fields down at Carminowe Creek. Here as there were very few other people around Poppydog got her long awaited freedom.

Carminowe Creek leads into Loe Pool just south of Loe Bar – the opposite side to the more popular Penrose Estate that we have wandered through a few times in the past.

We settled on a little stony beach on the side of the creek to enjoy our picnics (a rather elaborate term for a can of pop and a packet of crisps on my part but the others had brought flasks and made sandwiches!) whilst the dogs enjoyed a run around and for Poppydog a nice swim in the creek.

Not a long walk, about 3.5 miles but very enjoyable with great company for a change.