A life less complicated

Having reached a crossroads in my life I am choosing to step off the treadmill that is my busy life and take time out to travel. ¬†On October 5th 2017 I shall set off with my Springer Poppy in our motorhome ‘freedombird’ initially to explore the remote beauty of the UK and then – well let’s see……

So our luck dodging the rain just ran out…..

Hey ho it happens. We chanced a run out to Kennack (again – it is the nearest after all) and I wasn’t intending to write anything today – but just look how beautiful it is:

The menacing sky just adds a dramatic feeling, though I still find that walking along the beach is one of the most relaxing and refreshing things to do whatever the weather.

Everything and nothing is thought about, great decisions are made, life plans are mapped out, any worries banished with the sea breeze and you come away with high hopes and expectations for the future.

Back on the road proper on Monday 29th, I reckon with a fair bit of stuff to sort beforehand – enough dallying already!

Two thoughts of the day:

This week has flown past so quickly but I am getting quite excited to be on the road again very soon.

We have had quite enough rain this last month to last us until atleast December!

And so we manage to dodge the rain…

Well I don’t know about where you are but the weather here is pretty unpredictable – the day starts off wet, wild and grey and then in the afternoon out pops the sun – but be warned it doesn’t stay out for long before a mass of dark grey cloud fills the sky and let’s rip with heavy, serious rain or worse still – hail which is so sharp you can’t bear to walk into it! Five minutes later the sun is out again with big patches of blue sky – so we followed that blue patch down to Kennack.

A couple of brave souls were enjoying the surf but apart from that we had both beaches to ourselves.

The tide was out far enough to allow us to walk across the rocks (usually covered with sand in the summer) to the second beach and Poppydog happily chased stones from one end to the other.

The two streams that cross the beach were both full and racing across the beach to meet the sea.

We just made it back to the car before the next set of black clouds covered the sky and let rip – but look spring is on the way.

Two thoughts of the day:

Is there anything quite so promising as the first daffs coming into flower?

Leaking wellies are the worst thing ever!

So we follow a little patch of blue sky to……

After a thoroughly miserable day yesterday and not such a great start to today, we got restless and followed a little patch of blue sky to Kennack. Not the prettiest beach around, as the sand is rather dark, but whatever the tide you are assured of finding a little bit of beach and a nice walk along the coastal path through the woods to the second beach and beyond.

The second beach (which is dog friendly all year round) was as usual deserted, so we could happily chance stones and small unsuspecting birds to our hearts content.

Having got all warm and cozy, and if I’m honest a bit drowsy inside reading a good book it was good to be out with the wind and sun in my face, enjoying the intricacies of the tumbling surf and watching in wonder at the sea birds holding their own in the strengthening breeze.

Slowly the tide was stealing our playground and it was time to head home.

Two thoughts of the day:

Time to explore somewhere new as the old faithfuls are just too tempting!

I have read more books in the last two weeks than I have in the last ten years.

Ahh Cadgwith…..

Yet to find a place quite like it. As you wander down from the car park the view is spectacular whatever the weather.

In the spring, summer through to late autumn the footpath is graced with a beautiful array of wild flowers, wild garlic, bluebells, daffodils and mombretia to name but a few. Also you will happen upon the dear little blue tin church of St Mary’s, which still proudly hosts weddings, christenings as well as regular services.

Then as you enter the centre of the village, with its white washed thatched cottages and sea glimpses the beach hosts a small fleet of fishing boats to remind you that this village is very much a working village dependant as much upon the visitors that flock to the village as the livelihoods that come from the sea.

From the Todden (the small headland separating the two beaches) not only have you an uninterrupted view of the open sea but you can keep an eye on the whole village and its beaches!

Two thoughts of the day:

My sister in law serves up a pretty mean roast!

The daffs are on their way which means spring is just around the corner.

Ok so it has been raining all day….

Damp, wet, rainy, miserable yuk!

So as we stay in the warm and dry and look at where we have been in the sunshine since the beginning of October.

From St Agnes to Watergate Bay

From Bedruthen Steps to Tintagel

From Dartmouth to Dawlish

From Ilfracombe to Bude

And home to the Lizard for Christmas

Looking forward to many more sunny days ahead.

Two thoughts of the day:

If you set your mind to it, you can talk yourself out of doing anything important all day!

Come to think of it – that is what I do most days – how clever am I?

Coverack recovers after last summers storm…..

Not such a nice day today, but dry and quite calm. We headed off to Coverack, which is a lovely largish village with lots of thatched cottages nestling around the harbour. At low tide there is a lovely big crescent of sandy beach to enjoy and the harbour wall provides a lovely sheltered spot to sit in the afternoon sun – however non of that for us today.

We wondered around the old part of the village, with many properties (unfortunately a lot of which are now second homes or holiday lets) looking very dapper and newly painted, so it was hard to tell if they had been affected by the terrible flash flood last year. However once you travelled up a bit from the seafront, to where the water had coursed down it was clear to see the damage caused to gardens and outbuildings and indeed some of the cottages.

The parish church of St Peters sits proudly above the Cove – not a bad final resting place for the folk of Coverack.

The sea wall has been repaired and the main road (which was largely washed into the sea) is dressed in nice new tarmac, along with the repaired car park.

As we continued to wander around the village, we noted quite a number of new ultra modern looking houses and some pretty exotic looking extensions all designed to capture the best views possible – Coverack is quite definitely recovering well!

Two thoughts of the day:

I suspect Coverack’s property prices are booming a bit!

It would be nice to spend a summer travelling around Cornwall but how do I stop everyone else coming here?

Two missed photo opportunities……

Yesterday was an absolutely fabulous day, clear blue skies, very little sea breeze but I forgot my phone! We met a friend, Anna and her dog at Poldhu and we had a great catch up whilst the dogs happily chased stones. We were so engrossed in our conversation that at one point, whilst we had our backs to the sea, two waves met at right angles, right behind us and we were suddenly immersed in sea up to our thighs – haha – my poor wellies will they ever recover from yet another complete drenching? The sun was just catching the waves perfectly for some fantastic photos – next time! We rounded the afternoon off with a hot chocolate from the beach cafe which is open all year round, before heading home to dry off.

Shortly afterwards, I drove to Porthleven to meet up with another friend, Angie, as I was driving over I could see glimpses of the massive orange ball of the setting sun over the sea. By the time I arrived at the seafront in Porthleven it had just dipped below the horizon, beyond the milky grey of the sea, highlighting the silhouettes of those still out paddle boarding and surfing just beyond the harbour wall – I so hope I get the chance to experience this again and to capture it on camera as it was truly beautiful.

Two thoughts of the day:

Don’t forget my phone!

Loving catching up with friends.

Godrevy Cove here we come but…….

The day dawned bright and sunny so for a change, we hopped in the car to Kennack Sands and had our morning stroll down on the beach. Early morning and just before dusk are my favourite times of the day for beach walking.

At lunchtime we returned to Roskilly’s to try and visit Godrevy Cove from the other side (the coastal path from the north was closed the other day when we tried) so we walked down to Quarry Point, but alas the coastal path was closed to the north here as well. Never mind – we set off south towards Coverack – the coastal path runs along quite a low cliff above a stony shoreline.

The ground was very wet and boggy in places, being low grassland with rocky outcrops and lots of gorse, bracken and stepping stones to clamber on or around – so quite challenging for me, but heaven for Poppydog who was soon completely lagged!

Just before Coverack we headed inland following a twisty, windy and yes still muddy footpath up towards St Keverne to Roskilly’s – a good circular walk of about 4.5 miles but to be honest would have been much more fun if it hadn’t been so muddy!

Now dirty dog – what to do? Pop down to Kennack on the way home – that’s what. So today we have been lucky enough to see sun up and sun down on the same beach!

Two thoughts of the day:

Think I might swerve the coastal path for awhile until it dries out a bit!

Luckily there are loads of beaches just waiting to be visited!

Enough to dampen your spirits? Of course not…..

The day started dry but grey and I was confident that it would be much the same as yesterday – wrong! Unfortunately it started to rain around midday but as it was only light, we set off anyway.

We had company today, my sister in law Di joined us for our walk and we set off from Church Cove, across Jangye-ryn or Dollar Cove as it is more commonly known – a very different seascape today!

Undeterred we followed the coastal path, with the increasing rain splat in our faces, north towards Looe Bar (our planned destination). However the rain just got heavier and heavier, the path muddier and slippier and what started out as a gentle stroll and chat became more of a battle against the elements and an effort not to slip in the mud!

By unanimous (Poppydog was not invited to vote!) decision we opted to turn back along the road at Halzephron Cove and giving Poppydog a quick runaround at Church Cove, we dripped home!

Two thoughts of the day:

A cheese and bacon slice (thanks Di), in the rain on the beach – ideal.

How quickly my little basecamp resembles a Chinese Laundry!

Grey day – but look at the sea…..

Not the greatest day, dry if a bit chilly (that easterly still making itself felt) but not enough to put us off.

Today we decided to visit Polurrian Cove just round the corner from Mullion Cove and before Poldhu. The view down to Polurrian is breathtaking as always, but today the sea was a magnificent display of bluey greens – surprising as the sky was overcast and not offering any shapes or shadows and in fact we only saw a very weak sun momentarily.

The beach was deserted, our favourite kind, and Poppydog was happy chasing stones, whilst for the first time on our travels I found quite a few pieces (albeit small) of sea glass – so we were both kept happy! Not sure what I shall do with the sea glass but I am sure it will come in handy for some or other future project! It never ceases to amaze, not only the natural beauty around us but how nature creates beauty out of what is essentially waste – shame plastic doesn’t weather into a thing of beauty!

After a good run around we had a great catch up with friends (and former colleagues) at Polurrian Bay Hotel, which sits proudly up above the Cove – perfection.

Two thoughts of the day:

I have all this beauty on my doorstep, but still I am keen to discover more.

Wendy remembered how I like my tea – happy days- miss you all x