A life less complicated

Having reached a crossroads in my life I am choosing to step off the treadmill that is my busy life and take time out to travel.  On October 5th 2017 I set off with my Springer Poppy in our motorhome (subsequently swapped for a caravan) ‘freedombird’ initially to explore the remote beauty of the UK coastline and then – well let’s see……

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Storm Ali whips through Harlech….

Well it is pretty wild here, and has been all day, with gusts of up to 60 mph forecast we decided not to venture far and maintain a level of ballast in the van!!!

We went for a long walk along Harlech beach this afternoon and though it was quite tough walking against the wind, quite exhilarating at the same time and a breeze walking back!

The winds gave whipped up all the smaller pebbles and partially covered them in little sand dunes, making it look like the surface of the moon or should I say what I think the surface of the moon looks like!

With a whole sandstorm thing going on over the actual dunes, sand covering you footsteps within seconds.

We returned to site covered in tiny little particles of sand, mad hair and sandblasted cheeks – now if this wind will just let up a little overnight we shall sleep well!

Two thoughts of the day:

Ok so the wind in the trees is one thing but why are all those noisy squabbling crows in the trees immediately behind us?

Is it nearly summer yet?

Afon Wen to Glan-y-mor and lots of beach in between…

Quite a wild night and still very windy through the rest of the day, though at least it remained mostly dry until about 6pm. On beyond Criccieth we ventured today, firstly parking up on a little lane just above Afon Wen beach.

The beach was mostly stony with patches of course sand and more being revealed as the tide went out. We walked to Hafan-y-Mor holiday park in one direction and then back to the river Wen in the other.

It all felt rather desolate and unloved, but suited us for a shortish walk, before returning to the car and moving on to Abererch Sands.

Now that’s more like it! A lovely long stretch of mostly sandy beach, plenty of Poppydog sized stones and no one about – ideal!!

It was a lovely, windy walk, the sea rough and churning pale green foam, the sun never quite making an appearance, or not here least aways.

After a while, Abererch Sands leads into Glan-y-Mor beach at Pwllheli, a pretty sheltered crescent of sand.

Beyond this bay, which is sheltered by the entrance to a large Marina and inner harbour and this sort of big sand dune!

We wandered around the marina for a bit, millions of pounds worth of toys, it being played with – how sad?

Then we happened upon this – how cool!

A nice walk on this wild day, now to let the wind blow us back down the beach and home.

Two thoughts of the day:

Why is the uploading of photos so slow here?

Why do they pack static caravans in so tightly? You really wouldn’t want to be that close to your neighbours- all those lovely windows looking at someone else’s windows!

Criccieth a dated but quaint seaside town….

A few light showers but mostly another dry and grey day. We set off for Criccieth on the Lleyn Peninsula and parked up above in a lay-by. The long beach is mostly stony and shingle with a few patches of course sand – certainly not the prettiest we have seen, though the ruins of the castle sitting high above add a certain feature.

We walked along the promenade, up and over Castle Hill and along Marine Beach another mostly stony beach on the other side.

The sea is quite rough and grainy with churned up sand – does it get to be a lovely turquoise colour when the sun is shining? Probably not! Any how we had a good walk before heading back along the coastal path to where we had left the car.

A little glimmer of sunshine out over the sea.

Two thoughts of the day:

Anyone else finding the new series ‘Strangers’ a bit irritating?

Somehow today’s grey is not as grey as yesterday’s!

A grey walk along Tal-y-bont beach…

After a pretty wild night (and that’s before the storm officially arrives!), a damp morning and grey afternoon. We stayed close to site today as visibility was pretty poor and there seemed little point in trying to capture any views further afield. We parked up down by Tal-y-bont Beach which is a section of the very long, almost unbroken beach running from Barmouth to Harlech. We slightly misjudged the tide which was fully in when we arrived, so no sand to walk along, but we walked along the pebble bank towards Bennar Beach.

Once on familiar ground we turned back and walked in the opposite direction, catching a rather mad crowd of people enjoying the pretty rough seas.

Beyond this the sand was starting to emerge as we headed towards Llanaber.

The coastal path, follows quite an inland route along here and we ended up walking through several different static caravan holiday parks before coming to a sort of dead end. So back we turned once again, all very grey today and not very inspiring but heyho a walk and some fresh air!

Two thoughts of the day:

Too grey for inspirational thought!

Let’s see what Storm Helene brings over the next couple of days!!

Beaches near Porthmadog…..

Mostly cloudy and windy today, a couple of little glimpses of sun but that was it, however, it was dry all day. We are running a bit low on supplies so we decided to combine a ship with a trip to look at the beaches over the estuary (River Glaslyn) around Porthmadog. We parked up in the pretty nearby village of Borth-y-Gest.

We walked along the coastal path north of the village and very quickly came upon this little beauty.

Too nice to resist, even though the tide was still quite high, there was space enough for a run around before we continued on our way. Down another little footpath and we found another sandy little retreat.

A bit further along we came upon Carreg Wen beach, another lovely sheltered sandy cove.

The next beach along was Ynys Cyngar, again protected from the wind, with lovely soft white sand and leading on to a small headland.

Around the headland and into the full force of the wind is Morgan Bychan beach which is a long stretch of wide low tide sand leading to Black Rock Sands at the other end.

Here as well as kitesurfing, a team of horse and traps were cantering up and down the beach.

At the end of the beach we found ourselves a quiet, sheltered little spot for a break before heading back much the same way.

Two thoughts of the day:

Really no need for these huge beaches to be crowded during the summer?

Not sure if I am going to try and cover the Llyn Peninsula from here or try and find somewhere to stay on the Peninsula!