A life less complicated

Having reached a crossroads in my life I am choosing to step off the treadmill that is my busy life and take time out to travel.  On October 5th 2017 I set off with my Springer Poppy in our motorhome (subsequently swapped for a caravan) ‘freedombird’ initially to explore the remote beauty of the UK coastline and then – well let’s see……

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New Quay in the mizzle….

Mizzly day on and off, all day! Can’t let a bit of Welsh mizzle put you off, so we drove a couple of miles down the road, finding a handy lay-by just on the outskirts of this pretty seaside village. The village of painted cottages and terraces sprawls down both sides of the steep valley with the centre being dominated by Fish and Chip shops, cafes, beach shops and pubs, just above the main harbour wall,

It was very busy with wet bedraggled families, seemingly quite content to eat their chips in the rain, sit on the harbour wall catching crabs or play on the small amount of high tide beach. We too wandered down onto the harbour wall to take in the view of the village and see if there were any dolphins to spot (no sightings today apparently).

Beyond the harbour wall is the Dolau Beach, lovely and sandy with much more to come as the tide recedes.

After a wander along the coastal path, away from the madding crowd (didn’t see a soul) we returned to the crowds to take a look at the Harbour Beach.

And then as we began to make our way back out of New Quay the start of Traethgwyn Beach which runs all the way around to Llanina Point when the tide is lower.

We stayed for awhile to see how quickly the tide went out, so that we could walk back to the car via the beach, but it wasn’t to be today.

Instead we took the alternative roadside route and had to make do with sea glimpses from above.

The last view was of Llanina Point (Little Quay Beach lies on the other side of the Point and would make a fabulously long beach walk if the tides were right) and a promise of the beach to come.

Two thoughts of the day:

Will have to work out when we can pop down to see this beach in all its glory?

Maybe we should reverse our routine for the rest of this week and get out and about in the morning?

Back to Newport to enjoy the beach….

Damp again over night through to the morning but then clearing up with a fair bit of sunshine in the afternoon. Today we returned to Newport to get a proper look at the beach. Parking up in the same place as yesterday, we this time crossed the bridge over the river.

We took the footpath on the north side of the river, which took us along the riverbank, across the golf course to the beach.

A lovely dune backed sandy beach. A few people around but by no means crowded. Parking here is £5 per day – glad we parked for free up the road!

We found ourselves a quiet spot as the sun came out to play and Poppydog chased her tennis ball and dugs holes.

Shortly after we arrived in the beach a flurry (not sure what the collective noun is – probably fleet or flotilla- any how flurry works for me!) of small yachts appeared from the estuary out into the bay where it looked like preparations were under way for some racing.

What a perfect afternoon!

As the tide receded we decided to follow the beach around to the estuary and came upon lots of families on the Newport side, waiting for the tide to allow them to wade across to the by now huge expanse of lovely soft sand.

Our return journey was now mostly possible along the shoreline.

Two thoughts of the day:

Another nice holiday spot, especially for those as keen to get on the water as into the water.

Where were we without book exchanges?

Cwm-yr-Eglwys – what a find…..

Another grey day, a bit of damp in the air but not enough to stop our travels. A bit of a long drive today as we had to pick up where we left off from St David’s, from where we got as far as Fishguard and Lower Town. Our first port of call was Pwllgwaelod, a little shingle and greyish sand cove (it was high tide when we arrived) just a half a mile walk from Bryn-henllan where we left the car.

The beach was deserted so Poppydog got some off lead time, chasing stones before we took a stroll through the valley that separates Dinas Island (now an headland) from the mainland and found the lovely little hamlet of Cwm-yr-Eglwys (pronounced koomer egg lewis!!!) at the other end.

This would be a great place to rent a cottage, with the fabulous sheltered bay for swimming, kayaking etc. all on your doorstep (literally). The water was lovely and clear and though the beach was mostly shingle with patches of dark sand, I for one would be quite happy sat with a good book or just watching the world go by. It was clearly quite popular and as you can see at high tide very little beach to go around and strangely the beach front is a disused graveyard with the remains of an ancient church all that was left after the Pembrokeshire coastline was hit by terrible storms in 1859 (the Royal Charter Storm).

With a last look out across the bay, it was time to follow the track back up to the car.

Our next stop was Newport the small Pembrokeshire town it the big dirty city we visited earlier in the year! We found a lay-by to park in along the banks of the River Nevern and followed the gentle footpath along the Bank to the mouth of the estuary.

The main, lovely long sandy beach is on the opposite side of the estuary to the town but at low tides it is possible to easily wade across.

On the town side there were numerous pebbly coves allowing easy access to the water and you clearly have to own a kayak to live here!

Rather than head round to the sandy beach, we decided to follow the coastal path, heading back towards Cwm-yr-Eglwys and enjoyed stunning views across the bay.

Another nice little place especially for pottering on the water or walking.

We had planned to pop down to see Cardigan Bay also on this trip, however today was their ‘Carnival’ so we thought again!!

Two thoughts of the day:

TV reception is pretty poor this evening, not sure why as it isn’t windy or wet?

Not too impressed that the nights are noticeably drawing in.

A walk into Aberaeron…..

Cloudy, breezy, almost nippy but dry, though it is just now trying to rain! We decided to take one of the site recommended walks (unfortunately I left my phone behind so photos will be added at a later stage!) which involved a few minutes drive in the car to join up with the disused railway track walk from NT property Llanerchaeron to Aberaeron. A nice level walk along the banks of the river Aeron through woodland and open field which brings you out up above Aberaeron. From here the footpath follows a steep (downhill) lane to the town.

The town is quite busy with both main roads running through the centre and rather madly allowing cars to park on one side of the main road making it single track through- which makes no sense at all and makes for quite a bit of unnecessary congestion. Also, all around the harbour and seafront there is plenty of charged parking, but also quite a bit of free roadside parking which causes a continuous line of traffic trying to find that elusive free parking space and somewhat adding to the overall congestion – Put me on the local council for a week or two – I’ll soon get it sorted!!

The houses and shops are all painted in different colours, but somehow as they are mostly rows of small terraced properties it doesn’t quite work – well for me anyway.

The long North Beach is rock (sea defence) backed but mostly stony with little patches of fine gravel rather than sand, backed with a long walkway making it a pleasant place for a stroll. Stroll we did before getting a hot chocolate to enjoy whilst throwing stones on the beach for Poppydog to chase. The sea was rather rough today and quite silted, not sure if this is typical but it didn’t look very inviting!

Not overly impressed as I think you can tell, but a pleasant enough walk for a so so day!

Two thoughts of the day:

Always remember to take phone!!!

Yet again the best of the weather appears before the school holidays – time for change?

A walk to Little Quay Bay….

Well as forecast, the sun was back today, not as warm as it has been with quite a stiff breeze blowing but sunny!! After catching up with the washing, we set off through the lanes on the 3.5 mile walk down to our nearest beach – Little Quay Bay. The lanes were very peaceful and most of the way we could see the sea in the distance, which is always a bonus and it was mostly down hill which is fine but… And there it was…

A lovely wide crescent shaped beach, with a mix of stones, dry sand and then as the tide recedes more pebbly sand. It wasn’t too busy as there was very little parking and it is miles from anywhere, so I imagine it would be a great beach to bring the dog out of the school holidays. As it was we stayed a while – Poppydog chasing stones and me people and sea watching until we were ready to make the gradual climb back home.

We wandered along the coastal path for a while and then picked up a little used footpath to eventually join up with the lanes back to site and a well earned sit down and glass of wine. It is a tough life!!

On the way back I was mesmerised by this bird of prey hunting overhead.

Two thoughts of the day:

Nothing like air dried clean bed linen!

Will look up the bird of prey later.