From Aberlady to Gosford Sands….

A mostly grey day for us and still that rather irritating wind! Ah well, onwards! Aiming to pick up where we left off yesterday we drove to the outskirts of Aberlady, intending to continue our beach walk – however…

What wasn’t apparent when we were on Aberlady Beach yesterday was that the inner part of the bay is largely a sandy mud inlet with the Peffer Burn running across and along the high tide line, making it difficult to get out onto the beach proper.

Though we did get there by walking along past Kilspindie Golf Club to Aberlady Point, where we managed to cross the burn onto the sand.

There was absolutely no one about so Poppydog was soon a little dot in the distance, leaving a cross cross of footsteps as she went.

The sand is not as nice as it was on the other side of the bay, coarser and a bit muddy in places and the wind was battering us head on.

We stuck with it, walking around Craigelaw Point and were rewarded with the magical sight of about 15 seals basking in the sunshine on the beach, we didn’t go any closer and I made sure Poppydog was entertained chasing balls well away from them – but how magical?

And then we found our own little island – Green Craig From where I could keep an eye on the seals…

And Poppydog could just run herself ragged as again this beach (Craig Beach?) is empty!

We pressed on a bit further and onto Gosford Sands.

Another large expanse of sand though again a bit muddy in places. By now, however I have had enough of this wind and so we walked back inland and completed our 5.5 mile walk along the John Muir Trail.

Two thoughts of the day:

So many beaches here are unnamed so I am using a little poetic license in naming them based on what they are near!

Our little island was only about 10m by 2m and surrounded by sand but it did feel like a little adventure!

Gullane to Aberlady…

A bit of a grey day today, warm out of the wind but dry until early evening which is fine by us. Today we popped down the road to Gullane (very much a golfers paradise) and found parking easily down a residential street. We set off from where we left off yesterday and wandered down through the strip of grassland and the dunes onto this wonderful expanse of sand.

As we have covered the east side of the beach, today we set off to the west.

The beach was pretty empty so Poppydog could run free, though with a distinct lack of stones she had to make do with a ball!

At the end of the beach, at Gullane Point there is another beach with lots of shells and rock pools as the rocky outcrops are exposed by the low tides.

Perfect for Poppydog to take a moment to cool off from all her running around.

The point itself is rocky so a footpath takes you across the dunes and then….

Aberlady Bay a huge stretch of low tide sand – possibly a few people in the distance not sure but a massive Poppydog play ground.Yes that is her – the little speck in the distance!

For a while we found a little inlet to shelter from the wind.Before making our way back, ahead of the forecast rain. Another 5.5 miles of splendid beach.Two thoughts of the day:

Maybe the reason why these beaches are so empty is simply because there are so many of them – which would you choose if you lived close by?

How irritating is I-player tempting you with being able to watch the rest of the series ahead of its TV showing – mindyou if your WiFi was as bad as mine usually is – not much of a temptation!

A stunning walk along the shore to Gullane….

At last the wind seems to be letting up and a mostly sunny day was in store for us. With the sun on our faces we wandered down to Broad Sands, looking breathtakingly beautiful at low tide…..

Today we turned left and soon popped around the headland to Longskelly Beach which was again deserted.

At the end of this beach we ventured up onto the dunes to get around the Weaklaw Rocks and clambered down (the last few metres with the assistance of a rope!) onto this amazing expanse of sand….

Eyebroughy Beach, backed by a small bank of pebbles and dunes and a golf course beyond that was completely empty.

Poppydog had an absolute ball!

And I am completely blown away by the absolute beauty and the fact that no one else is on it?

Part way along the beach is this magnificent cairn…

Though quite what it marks with its propellor on the seaward side, remains a mystery as there was no accompanying plaque.

If we had been a bit earlier the tide goes out far enough to allow you to walk to Eyeboughy Island briefly so maybe another day.

Though Fidra clearly always remains an island!

Around the next corner lies yet another long sandy beach – Muirfield Beach (as it is backed by part of Muirfield Golf Course!) with what looks like some pretty ominous clouds just beyond!

A stunning beach.

We press on (regardless) towards the black clouds, dipping down onto one of the smaller coves at Black Rocks.

And then the black clouds gave up their burden as we looked across at Gullane Bay – ah well we will come back another day to see it properly!

At this point we made our way inland to follow the John Muir Way to complete this 8.5 mile walk back to site and the rain kept us company most of the way – how sweet!

Two thoughts of the day:

Steam drying in the sunshine could be a new trend?

This area is certainly on my list of beautiful places – these beaches are quite incredible.

A walk along the beaches to North Berwick….

Not quite such a nice day today, slightly less sunshine around and still a stiff breeze blowing but apart from one little shower a pretty good day. Today we walked from site down to Broad Sands the main beach.This time we are heading towards North Berwick (southwards).

Around a rocky headland another lovely long sandy beach awaited. West Links (after the golf course running alongside) Beach.

Here there were less people about and so Poppydog had the opportunity for some serious running about whilst I watched the Kittiwakes dive bombing the sea.

We turned about at this point as time was cracking on and there were some pretty serious clouds looming!

A lovely, albeit windy 6 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Good lay out of site here at Yellowcraig lots of little areas accommodating 7 or 8 units off arterial road so kids are well away from us whilst they cycling and scootering about!

The gas bottle in the van (for those of you not in the know – primarily for the hob, grill and oven but in times of power outage will also run the heating and fridge) seems to have been running on empty for the best part of a month!

Moving back up a bit to Yellowcraig….

A wild night and quite blowy but with the exception of one shower it was dry with a fair bit of sunshine throughout the day – so all is good! Just a short journey for us, heading slightly north again for the last leg of this part of our Scottish journey – we will be back to enjoy the rest at some later date.

After setting up and settling in (cup of tea for me and lunch for Poppydog, we set off to explore and wow….

Look at this fabulous beach, right on our doorstep, literally 5 minutes down the lane from site.

A little on the busy side for us as it sits behind a biggish car park for Yellowcraig Country Park, but how beautiful and even so with the tide pretty much fully in.

In search of solitude we wandered along the beach to our left and round a rocky headland to this….

Another lovely sandy bay and yes we had it all to ourselves….

A fantastic Scots Pine backed sandy bay.

With views across to Fidra Island and it’s Lighthouse – I wonder if you can walk across at low tide? Time will tell.

It is a little chilly in the breeze but we enjoyed a good bit of beach time before wandering back to site.

Two thoughts of the day:

This might only be a relatively short stretch of coastline for us to cover during our three week stay here but it looks like we shall not be short of beach walks – all we need now is for the wind to drop and the sun to stay out!

If you have to live near a city then Edinburgh would be a pretty good place to be with all these beaches within a very short distance.