How often in life do you get the chance to ‘Live your Dream’ ?  Well this is mine – at a shade over 50, children flying (or is that fleeing!) the nest – I have bought a motorhome (my Freedombird) and in a few months time shall be off on my adventure, travelling to every corner of the UK to start with and thereafter who knows?.

I have no master plan, no time restraints just a wish to explore the beauty that is all around us and a passion to live and breathe the freedom.

My travelling companion is Poppy a beautiful, energetic young Springer who drives me mad or makes me laugh in fairly equal measures – she is so looking forward to all the different walks, adventures and smells.

I am Clare and have lived down on the Lizard in Cornwall for some 12 years, though busy jobs and growing children have prevented me from really exploring the beautiful coastline on my doorstep until now.

So join us if you will on this wonderful adventure – we look forward to hearing from you and maybe meeting you on our way.