A fabulous walk to Cruggleton Castle….

Another gorgeous day – now I know it is a bit early to be asking this but…. if it could just last until say October? Today we are walking south of Garlieston, beyond Rigg Bay to Cruggleton Castle. As expected the tide was fully in at Rigg Bay.

On the far side of the bay the walk took us through bluebell lined woodland along the shoreline though gently rising as the cliffs rose in height.

After a couple of miles including a power walk through 100m of field occupied by some rather inquisitive but fortunately lazy cows, the remains of Cruggleton Castle came into sight.

All that remains is some rather overgrown low walls and this rather beautiful archway.

Capturing beautifully the view along the headland towards the Isle of Whithorn.

We found a comfy spot to bask in the sunshine for awhile, idly watching this trailer checking or laying pots (like I really know what it was doing!), until we were ready to complete the return journey.

The sea is so unbelievably calm and just eventually melts into the sky.

Or as we come round Sliddery Point across Wigtown Bay to Ringdoo Point (near Brighouse Bay that we visited from Kirkcudbright) and some mountains beyond. Stunning.

As our walk took us back to sea level, we made a detour to a little bay that we had spotted earlier with it’s own ‘infinity pool’ for Poppydog to have a well earned dunk and of course a game of chasing stones.

We finished our walk through the Galloway House gardens, taking a sneaky look over their back fence at this rather splendid house.

8 miles round trip – now a sit down and a cup of tea!

Two thoughts of the day:

It will be a shame to have to get the car out now as we venture further a field but I am excited to see what else this beautiful Machar Peninsula has to offer.

I wonder if the Easter Bunny knows where I am?

A walk along the coast from Garlieston….

Poppydog appears to have recovered from her bout of sickness and we both slept soundly through the night waking to a stunning day, sunny and warm with a gentle breeze. Time to get the shorts out! Today we decided to walk along Garlieston bay northwards, away from the village. The tide was fully in and I was surprised to see that it completely covers the bay.

As the road ends we join the footpath along the wooded coastline. The bluebells in full splendour.

After a couple of miles along the footpath we clambered down to a little stony cove just below Castle Head where I sat for awhile enjoying the sun and Poppydog chased stones.

Once we had left the road we didn’t see a single person but I saw a deer and we both saw a rabbit – the deer ran off and Poppydog chased the rabbit!

A lovely 6 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

I am finding it hard to explain the beauty of this place, it is so peaceful, very little traffic as there is no through road, few people wandering around, mostly holidaymakers enjoying the wonderful bank holiday weather, birds twittering away in the trees and the gentle murmur of the waves – fab.

How lovely to find live music playing outside the site when we went to get our fish and chips this evening – we spent a happy hour sat in the sun on the sea wall listening to the band.

A walk round to Rigg Bay….

Another fine day – not exactly heatwave material but with hazy sunshine and a lessening of the breeze, quite warm in the afternoon. We had a rather rubbish night last night as Poppydog has clearly eaten something she shouldn’t and we were in and out of the caravan until after 3am. So a relatively quiet day is in order for both of us! Still the sun is shining so after a rather leisurely morning attending to a bit of a spring clean we set off for a walk from site, this time walking southwards. The footpath took us along the rocky shoreline on the edge of the bluebell lined woodland gardens of Galloway House.

After a mile or so the rocky shoreline opens out to reveal this deep partially sandy bay – a few families enjoying the sunshine but more than enough beach to go around.

We however are going to continue our walk back through the gardens and save the beach for another day.

Walking back to the village along the access lane, we get to see the magnificent Galloway House.

3.5 miles circular route, enough for today.

Two thoughts of the day:

To me daffodils signify the promise of spring but when the primroses and bluebells appear, we’ve made it!

I really hope we get a good nights sleep tonight.

Moving on to Garlieston and we just might stay here….

A grey start to the day, but as we travelled further west it got better and better. One of our longest tows, just shy of 80 miles but I have to say, so far we like these Scottish roads, wider and straighter than their Welsh and West Country counterparts! We arrived on site in beautiful sunshine and were soon set up, having settled on a pitch in the quieter walled garden area, rather than fight for the sea views.

This site really is bay side!

We stepped out of the site straight onto the bay and this pretty village and think we might just stay here forever!

We strolled around the bay, almost empty apart from the odd dog walker and family enjoying the sunshine.

Then back to take a look beyond the harbour wall – yet another expanse of empty sand and the sea! Love it – we are going to be very happy here.

Two thoughts of the day:

There is very little phone reception here and the WiFi is patchy at best – another plus?

I don’t think I’ve ever been somewhere so peaceful, well apart from when I have been in the middle of nowhere of course!

A last look at England before we move on….

Another grey day for us today but with less wind do a little warmer. I wanted to pay a visit to the Outlet Village at Gretna today, so we headed in that direction and parked up in Gretna. From the centre of the village (not to be confused with Gretna Green!) we wandered down to where the River Sark joins the Solway estuary.

Why you ask? Well the centre of the River Sark is where the border between Scotland and England lies and I was just curious to see if it looked as significant as it is. The answer is no! The river Sark is the water to the left in the above photo and the River Esk / Solway Firth runs along the top with a little bit of muddy sand on either side! So there you have it.

Rather than wander around Gretna which really isn’t that impressive we wandered along the river bank keeping an eye on the opposite bank (in England) where the sand looked much nicer!

After a couple of miles the footpath ended and we walked back into town along the lanes – not a very inspiring walk today but 4.5 miles of exercise and now off for a bit of retail therapy!

Two thoughts of the day:

I’m sure it is a missed opportunity for someone to not make more of our borders? Maybe not a good discussion topic at the moment!

I love poached eggs – the only problem is I have yet to find a successful (and easy) way of making them – I have tried countless microwave gadgets which always seem to cook the yolk and leave the whites too runny and those thingies that you dunk in a pan of boiling water always refuse to surrender up the egg without making a mess. Still I found a new type for dunking in a pan – like a spoon with holes in it – so I shall give it a whirl!