A walk through the wilderness around Barn Ness Lighthouse…..

Another grey but dry day with a little fresh sea breeze blowing. Today we decided to walk to the Lighthouse and beyond. The tide was still high, so once we arrived at the Lighthouse we followed the John Muir Trail along the coast. The path takes us through some meadow land and having been assured that the fields are livestock free and quite safe, Poppydog got her freedom.

She was in heaven, scents and more scents, birds twittering around….

As we neared Skateraw Harbour (our original ldestination) we diverted to take a look at the beach and yes a little bit of beach is appearing so we took the opportunity for a play.

A rather ugly Power Station somewhat ruins the view! However the sea is quite choppy and roaring in our ears as it crashes across the stony beach and Poppydog is happy chasing stones so all is well in our world. We decided to save Skateraw for another day and made our way back through the meadows towards the Lighthouse.

Just before the lighthouse we again joined the beach.

What a lovely surprise….

A beautiful white sandy bay….

A lovely 6.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Bass Rock seems to be as elusive as the Isle of Arran – here one moment and gone the next!

This is a big campsite but I’m not sure where everyone goes as the local walks and beaches are pretty deserted! Not complaining!

From Prestonpans to Musselburgh….

A little hazy again today but nice and warm even though mostly overcast. Today because we needed to get dog food as I forgot to get some whilst we were in Edinburgh so we head off in that direction to Prestonpans. Now the tide is against us and is fully in, however I’m not sure that this little stretch of the coastline would be up there in the beauty stakes even if the tide was out. Firstly we walked towards Musselburgh, the coastal path or John Muir Trail took us along the shoreline with the wilderness of Levenhall Park to our left.

No access to the shore and no sign of any beach along this stretch and soon we had arrived at Musselburgh with Fisherrow Sands just visible on the other side of the river.

Also an impressive view of Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat in the distance – quite incredible to think this is in the middle of the city! At this point we turned back and then walked beyond where we had parked the car towards Prestonpans.

Still no real sign of a beach, though we were able to scramble down to the stony shoreline for a bit of a play.

We did then find a little bit of greyish sand as Levenhall Beach gradually appeared as the tides recede.

So Poppydog was able to have a play with the tennis ball that she had found earlier – 5.5 miles – not the prettiest but heh ho!

Two thoughts of the day:

Whilst in Edinburgh getting the dog food the heavens opened – when we got back to site the ground was dry – looks like we are doing a good job of dodging the weather!

Also happened to be a M&S Foodhall bear Pets at Home so a little indulgence was called for!

A murky walk to Dunbar….

Another of those days, flat calm, warm but with a heavy mist over everything. I spent a couple of hours sorting through my blogs to free up space on this current one for further adventures and tried to find a way of creating a back up version on my computer to no avail! How frustrating – still by this time Poppydog was starting to go out of her mind so we set off for a walk. We joined the John Muir Trail down by the beach but this time headed westwards towards Dunbar. Alongside the footpath the shoreline is a mix of soft sands and rocky outcrops.

With Dunbar Golf Course on our left.

The number of butterflies fluttering about is quite amazing but not easy to capture as they fly away as soon as you get close.

At last through the mist we can make out Dunbar in the distance.

Around the corner and here we are…

Only a smallish strip of soft sand, which I imagine on a sunny day would become pretty crowded and nigh on impossible to get to the sea for a swim! Afterwards we wandered briefly into town which is pleasant enough with a lot of red sandstone buildings, a fair amount of new builds on the outskirts and a rather imposing large Parish Church.

We walked back along the lanes to site making this a nice 7.5 mile round trip.

Two thoughts of the day:

It is rather frustrating trying to find ways to preserve my blog (and so far not overly successful!) and having to remove older posts to make room for the future is a rather lengthy process which has to be done every few months – a cross to bear!

Suddenly the skies lifted this evening and there is Bass Rock – which we could see from Edinburgh but haven’t been able to see since we got here.

Moving on to Dunbar….

With heavy rain through Friday night and Saturday morning we didn’t chance going far and just went for a walk along the promenade and managed a couple of hours in the dry!

We also almost managed to get ready for moving on in the dry, it just started to pour as we were doing the outdoor jobs – nice! Still after extricating ourselves from Edinburgh (not a difficult city to get around to be fair as most streets are wide and no one appears to be in too much of a hurry!) we joined the A1 southbound to Dunbar and were soon set up on our new home for the next few weeks.

It is very warm here with a strange sort of dry mist (murk as I have just heard it described on the weather report) in the air and though we have a distant sea view it wasn’t very apparent!

We took a walk down to have a closer look at the sea (just under a mile away) and wow – Whitesands Beach is just that…

A lovely white sandy crescent shaped beach, a few stones and a bit of weed but otherwise lovely soft white sand and hardly anyone about.

After a bit of a play and a welcome runabout for Poppydog we followed the John Muir Trail (he gets about) to Barns Ness Lighthouse.

A nice 5 mile round trip to start off our stay.

Two thoughts of the day:

Looking at the news tonight we made a good decision weatherwise moving from the west coast to the east.

Quite a moment heading southbound on the A1 as we have been slowly travelling northwards since October 17!

A walk around Holyrood Park…

A very warm night followed by a very warm but mostly overcast day. It seemed like a good plan to drive to Holyrood Park and take a walk – so off we went. After a bit of a long winded journey around the City we parked up near the John Muir Trail (which seems to meander about a bit!) and followed the path for a mile or so to the Park and here was Arthur’s Seat looming above us.

Arthur’s Seat is an extinct volcano in the middle of Holyrood Park, we did intend to climb up it, however it was incredibly warm with hardly any breeze and on closer inspection I decided it would be too steep for Poppydog (haha!) in this heat.

Instead we walked along the Salisbury Craggs (the top path was closed due to a rock fall) with views across the city of Edinburgh.

Along the valley within the park with views out to sea.

Over to Calton Hill with it’s skyline monuments.

And down over the magnificent Holyrood Palace and Abbey ruins.

Further around the park we arrived at Dunsaple Loch, unfortunately though the water was believed to contain high levels of blue algae and so Poppydog couldn’t enjoy a refreshing dip!

It is hard to believe that this green oasis sits in the heart of the city. A very pleasant 5 mile walk.