Time to move into our new home and go….

At last the day has arrived when we drive over to Warmington to pick up our new home from Camper King. We had searched high and low to find a van that met all our requirements and was within our budget and this is she – Freedombird Mark 3…..

All sparkly new (new conversion on 2017 van) and waiting to be occupied.

Let’s forgive the typo….
It’s not often in life you get to drive something out of a showroom….

After showing me how everything works, I’m so excited to drive her out of the showroom to my car, where I transfer my life across (including Poppydog) and we are ready to venture off….

Goodbye car and hello Freedombird Mk 3

Before joining the motorway south we fill up with diesel after a brief fight with the diesel flap before realising that you need to open the passenger door to release it and parting with £77 pounds eeek! We are on our way.

It is mostly motorway all the way to Burnham on Sea, we are bound for Hurn Lane CAMC site at Berrow. It is a site we have visited before and knowing that a long wide Sandy beach is only a few minutes from site, I thought it would be an ideal place for us to settle into our new home.

On arrival our first plan was to put everything away – anywhere to be honest as there is not a lot of space to move around at the best of times. That done and a semblance of order taking place we decided to tackle the basics of can life – fill the water tank, plug in the electrics, switch on the fridge and make a cup of tea! Simples…. not so, I could not for love nor money get any water to come out of the tap and what I assumed was the water pump was making quite a racket – for well over an hour I tried removing fuses, disconnecting and reconnecting the electrics and fairly quickly exhausting any ideas, I read the manuals, rang the dealer to see if they had an out of hours number – nothing worked. So my solution, as dusk was beginning to fall – lock the van up, walk away and take Poppydog for a long overdue run on the beach….

At last the sea…

It really was getting quite dark but fortunately the tide was partly out and there was just sufficient light to let Poppydog run and run…..

Poppydog is out there, somewhere having fun

Feeling better after a bracing beach walk we returned to site.

On entering the van I switched the lights on and guess what? The tap started working – on calling the dealership in the morning they explained that the light switch is also the power on and off button as each of the lights can be switched off independently! The noisy pump (quiet on our return) also turned out to be the fridge protesting a bit at being switched on after a while (haven’t heard it since).

Too late and dark to start fiddling with the gas bottle to make a cup of tea – but hey a glass of wine works!

So the world can be righted after a walk along the beach.

A big decision made….

With plenty of time to think during lockdown, spurred on by plenty of drives (and walks) along the country lanes down here in Cornwall, I have basically lost the nerve to continue towing! It has been coming for awhile and was part of the reason I stopped heading north at Glasgow, heading east instead to Edinburgh and continuing my travels back down south until being forced to make the epic (420 mile) journey towing all the way from Sandringham in Norfolk to home on the Lizard.

I am going to sell the car and caravan and buy a Camper – yes I really do believe we can live in the small space provided by a Camper, as each year on our return I have duly unpacked stuff that hasn’t actually seen the light of day on our travels.

My journey is evolving also, as at the outset I idealistically imagined ambling in a clockwise direction all the way around the coast of Britain. Whereas, in reality, I have broken my journey at various times (and places) to return home, visit my dad (my biggest fan) and attend family / friend events, as is real life.

So I feel confident that I no longer need to try and pack my whole life into the van as I will be back sooner or later! The fear of hitching and towing has never really left me and always results in a sleepless night and a very anxious journey. Also leaving the caravan in random places whilst I make these trips has not always been easy or cheap to organise.

So from here on forward I shall be living as a snail taking the essentials of life with me wherever I travel!

Freedombird Mark 3……