A rather long walk from Leverton to try and find the sea…..

Quite sunny but still cold and windy. Today we are heading down to see if we can access the sand on the Wash. Looking at the map (Mr OS) we have decided on Leverton just beyond Wrangle as the marshlands don’t look so deep there. We end up walking at least three miles down through the lanes in amongst fields of sprouts, potatoes and other root veg.

Over three seabanks and then…

Miles and miles of marshland with yes just a little twinkle of sea on the horizon, but absolutely no way for us to get there…

Ah well you can’t get lucky every time! So back we go through the fields – a nice peaceful walk any how!

Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Humberston and Humberston Fitties – what a day!….

Cold but pretty bright and sunny mist of the day. After a rather long and somewhat tedious drive (why are there so many right angle bends on the Lincolnshire roads?) we arrived in Cleethorpes and parked up along the promenade. It was quite pleasant (and busy) walking along the promenade in the (almost) warm sunshine, north towards the pier.

Looking towards the south along South Beach.The tide is high but still a nice beach with some fine sand at the top remains. This is Central Beach.

Beyond the pier is North Beach.

Continuing along the promenade beyond the end of the town which incidentally all looks clean and freshly painted (along the front that is), some ongoing as they prepare for the season ahead. The promenade continues along to Grimsby over a stretch of wasteland, you really do feel that you are entering a different place, ahead a small bit of beach, bearing in mind that the tide is high but also that we are now on the Humber Estuary.

The beach was hosting a party for one, surrounded by wasteland and industrial units, we decided to give it a miss and return to the civilisation of Cleethorpes.

Back along the promenade we walked to the far South Beach.

And beyond where the beach turns to the marshland of Cleethorpes Nature Reserve.

There is a footpath running along the back of this Reserve, but as the sun is getting lower in the sky, we hopped back into the car and drove the short distance to Humberston. Finding a free car park in the middle of a number of holiday parks was a bit of a bonus and a short footpath takes us to Humberston Beach.

What a delightful sandy beach. Still the best was yet to come as we followed the footpath south along a section where the sandy beach was almost completely covered by the tide, though plenty of sandbanks are still exposed.

And here we arrive at Humberston Fitties Beach – what a little treasure…

Quite beautiful with lovely soft white sand.

A real find, though probably a little crowded during the summer months a definite must for a lovely sunny walk like today.

Further south you can see the marshlands of Tetney Haven, these marshlands cover much of the next 14 miles of coastline down to Theddlethorpe where we walked to yesterday.

Walking from Mablethorpe to Theddlethorpe St Helen….

A grey day and a rather bitterly cold wind but we will survive! Today we head for Mablethorpe that is just north of the town, parking in the street that runs behind the sea bank and the beach. Finding a footpath over the sea bank and coming out onto the beach by the last little row of colourful beach huts.

We are walking northwards away from Mablethorpe, beyond the ‘manicured’ bit of the north beach.

There is absolutely no one in sight as we pass the North End Beach Car Park.

Pausing to seek out another of the Structures on the Edge – ‘Jabba’ hidden in the dunes.

If I may be so bold as to express an opinion – why are these installations not being better maintained and acclaimed? It’s almost as though it was a great idea but now no one can be bothered to look after them or indeed tell any one about them! Shame. This is North End Beach and is really beginning to feel like we are heading beyond civilisation!

With just the odd seagull at the waters edge this wide expanse of wind swept sand backed by increasingly more rugged dunes is just fabulously bleak (though to be fair I think the cold wind is helping set the scene!).

Then in the distance, an object we have been watching for a while becomes apparent – it is a Time and Tide Bell….

We’ve seen a couple of these before….

In Cemaes Bay, Anglesey on a much nicer day – 28th Sep 2018, also in Aberdyfi, Morecambe and Appledore. The bell sounds at high tide and they are the work of Marcus Vergette and intended to celebrate the connection between land and sea – there are currently 7 in the UK with two more planned – we shall keep an eye out. Beyond lies the wild salt marshes and sands of Theddlethorpe St Helens.

We walked on a little further but the cold is getting to us now and shortly ahead the beach is marked on my map as a Danger Zone (I think because of mudflats and hidden marshes) so it is time to head back.

A bracing but interesting 6 mile walk.

Walking along the beach from Huttoft to Sutton-on-sea…..

Well, dare I say it? It was almost springlike out there today – I won’t say warm as that would be a lie but definitely warmer! Today we started from Huttoft Car Terrace and straight out onto an empty beach – Poppydog heaven.

There were a few people walking towards Anderby Creek but no one that I could see walking north towards Sutton-on-sea (our destination today).

Whilst I was happy just ambling along enjoying the sea, sky and weather, Poppydog as always has to be tearing around after something (she genuinely is not capable of just trotting along it has to be an all out gallop unless she is restrained by a lead), fortunately I came armed with thrower and two balls.

A bit further along the beach we joined Sandilands Beach, where row after row of beach hut line the promenade (running from Mablethorpe to Huttoft some 5 miles), some in serious need of some TLC but most, though boarded up for winter look well loved.

This lovely stretch of beach is just beautiful, unspoilt (not a cafe in sight) and so much sky….

Wow – we like.

After about 3 miles we have arrive at Sutton-on-sea. This seemingly residential (lots of bungalows as opposed to miles of holiday parks) village sits back behind the sea wall and promenade, mostly out of sight from the beach. A very fine beach with indeed.

At this point we decided to head back and for a change follow the promenade (it will give Poppydog a chance to dry off and de-sand before we get back) – admiring the many beach huts on our way.

I would imagine these are like gold dust to buy – with a view like this

I would want to live in it – hmmm I feel an idea coming on!!!!

A fabulous 7 mile stroll.

Sun, hail, rain and wind all on the way to Ingoldmells…..

A mostly sunny day, cold and still quite windy but not bad for the first of March. Not wishing to use the car today, we decided to walk along the promenade to Ingoldmells. All was good until we noticed the rather ominous grey clouds gathering inland and sure enough just as we approached Ingoldmells the heavens opened.

With nowhere to shelter and get out of the bitingly sharp hail we were soon soaked, scurrying along as fast as we could to get ahead of the shower, tantalisingly just in front.

Having originally planned to have a day off from being sandy and in Poppydogs case, wet, this had now backfired so as we waited for the storm clouds to pass over we enjoyed the empty beach. Poppydog even started to dig for that all important pot of gold, though she may have misunderstood my instructions…

As the rain moved out to sea, the sun and wind did its best to dry us off and had almost succeeded by the time we got back to site.

Back at Seathorne it was hard to imagine what all the fuss had been about.