Moving on to Beadnell Bay….

Only a short hop south for us today, so we were in no great hurry to leave (albeit mindful of the midday curfew) and still ended up killing time in a lay-by just south of Berwick to make sure that we didn’t get caught up in the departing traffic from our next site.

Once set up we set off to explore our surroundings. The site is just across the road from the sea, although the beach here is quite rocky and stony (photo to follow) and so we wandered along the coastal path, into the village of Beadnell to Beadnell Bay. Stopping first at the Limekiln backed little harbour.

A very small harbour, I suspect for fishing boats only, with the pleasure craft moored outside the harbour walls on the beach.

And wow what a stunning beach…..

Miles and miles (well 2 miles of it to be precise) of beautiful white sand backed by dunes – how fab? It was a little busy for Poppydog to have her freedom but we had a good walk along the waters edge and particularly enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine.

A long walk from Cocklawburn to Goswick Sands….

A very different day today, blue skies, sunshine and a little coastal breeze. Today we drove to Cocklawburn and parked up (this is the start of the Lindisfarne Nature Reserve) taking a moment to look down onto Cocklawburn Beach….

A very different look today but we didn’t loiter as we have planned a walk along the coastal path from here.

We followed the path which mostly traversed the grassland inland of the dunes, for several miles until we cut back through the dunes at Beachcomber House to this – looking to the right at Goswick Sands….

Straight ahead….

And to the left at Cheswick Sands….

Wow and we literally can’t see anyone

Needless to say Poppydog was free to run and run..

We walked the good half a mile to the sea and found an ideal log to take a moment or two to just enjoy and absorb the beauty of this place…

Poppydog happy chasing a ball or two wwhich I had fortunately brought with me as there was not a stone in sight.

And make footsteps in the sand…

Soon enough it was time to make our way back, walking along the beach, at one point having to remove my boots and socks to wade across a stream crossing the beach and still not a soul in sight.

At the far end of Cheswick Beach with a last look back…

We clambered through the dunes to rejon the coastal path for the last mile or so as the tide was too high for us to cocontinue along the beach.

What a beautiful 9.5 mile walk and what a find.

A damp walk to Cocklawburn Beach….

A pretty wet night and a rather damp and miserable day but they happen! Tired of waiting for the rain to abate we set off anyway, along Spittal Promenade and up along the cliffs. We had to share a little bit of our walk with some cows but fortunately they were not particularly interested in us. Ordinarily I would be posting some pics of the view from the cliffs but there were no views – intact we only knew the sea was there because well we knew it was there! After maybe a mile or so we started our descent and got our first look at Cocklawburn Beach.

This is one of three beaches and as there were already a few dog walkers on this beach…

We moved onto the second beach…

Which we had to ourselves – so off you go Poppydog! We wandered along a bit further to take a look at the third little beach…

Well that is enough excitement for us and with a last look down onto the beach we chose to take an inland route home – 7.5 wet miles.

We shall be back when the sun is shining.

A stroll along the riverbank to the castle and along the wall to Fisherman’s Haven….

Wet overnight and still a bit damp in the morning though by lunchtime it had brightened up with a bit of sunshine for us later in the afternoon. We are not done with Berwick yet, so we again wandered down to town, over the old bridge and this time headed along the riverbank inland, getting a closet look at the beautiful Royal Border Bridge – there is no denying that the Victorians knew how to build with style.

A bit further along the riverbank we came upon the ruins of the castle which weren’t particularly impressive.

Though we could clamber around the ruins of the old tower house by the river.

From here we made our way back along the river to the town wall and walked along the Northern ramparts bacI to the coast.

A little beyond the wall we made our way down in the recently appeared sunshine to Fisherman’s Haven beach.

What a lovely find, much nicer soft sand than the main Spittal and Little Pier beaches.

Though there were a few people about, we soon found ourselves a quiet corner for Poppydog to have a run around.

And I managed to find enough stones to throw and keep her amused whilst I enjoyes the view and the sun.

Soon it was time for us to start to make our way back along the cliff path, with a spectacular view down onto the clear waters and beach – bearing in mind the tide is nearly fully in, I imagine at low tide it is absolutely stunning.

After a quick check for dolphins from the Pier (not a one to be seen) we made our way back over the river and around the bay to complete this 7.5 mile walk back to site.

Two thoughts of the day:

Isn’t it amazing how different the sea is from one day to the next – yesterday quite choppy and today flat calm.

Maybe the dolphins prefer a choppy sea?

A walk around Berwick-upon-Tweed….

Wet overnight and well into the morning but it cleared up by lunchtime so we set off to explore our surroundings. Today we decided to wander into Berwick and walked across the old bridge over the Tweed.

The original town is walled with many pretty mews.

We walked along the wall, running along the waters edge and continued along the long Pier (a breakwater built to protect the town and river inlet) to the Lighthouse at the end.

On the way back along the sea wall we caught our first glimpse of dolphins – how magical! I wasn’t sure at first as the water is quite choppy, but yes we watched them in the bay just before it narrows to become the Tweed estuary – I’m not sure how many but at least half a dozen kept bobbing in the waves – no jumping or dancing but plenty of bobbing! I took about 20 photos and this was the best of the bunch…

Well after all that standing around on the Pier, Poppydog deserved a good beach run around, so we ventured down to the beach abutting the start of the Pier – aptly named Little Pier Beach.

The sun made a weak appearance as we played on the beach and is always welcome. After a time we cut across the grass covered low dunes…

From here we made our way back across the town and across the road bridge so that we could get a better look at the beautiful old bridge on the seaward side.

And the fabulous railway viaduct further inland.

A lovely 6 mile walk with plenty still to explore.