A walk along the beaches to North Berwick….

Not quite such a nice day today, slightly less sunshine around and still a stiff breeze blowing but apart from one little shower a pretty good day. Today we walked from site down to Broad Sands the main beach.This time we are heading towards North Berwick (southwards).

Around a rocky headland another lovely long sandy beach awaited. West Links (after the golf course running alongside) Beach.

Here there were less people about and so Poppydog had the opportunity for some serious running about whilst I watched the Kittiwakes dive bombing the sea.

We turned about at this point as time was cracking on and there were some pretty serious clouds looming!

A lovely, albeit windy 6 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Good lay out of site here at Yellowcraig lots of little areas accommodating 7 or 8 units off arterial road so kids are well away from us whilst they cycling and scootering about!

The gas bottle in the van (for those of you not in the know – primarily for the hob, grill and oven but in times of power outage will also run the heating and fridge) seems to have been running on empty for the best part of a month!

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