Beyond the marshlands at Thornham….

Another lovely sunny day, still a nip in the air but the wind has dropped some. We have decided to make today our last day exploring the Norfolk Coastline.

Continuing our journey along the northern tip of Norfolk, today we park up in Thornham, a pretty sleepy Norfolk village.

From the village we walk the mile or so along lanes to reach the coastal path. There was in fact some parking at the end of the lane, but we enjoyed the peaceful walk. Here the coastal path sits on top of the sea wall above the surrounding marshland.

We crossed an area of dunes and this fab beach lay in wait….

Well social distancing certainly won’t be a problem…

As Poppydog waits patiently for a bit of freedom….

We walked back along the beach to where we left off at Holme Dunes Nature Reserve.

Before taking a last look at this wonderful coastline – until next time.

I have been living, maybe naively, pottering along as we do, with very little human contact, that firstly, we are not endangering anyone and secondly, that we are keeping safe. However, I also appreciate that each county has its own health facilities based on it’s permanent residents and so we are heading home to Cornwall.

A blast along the beach at Holme-next-the-sea…..

A lovely bright sunshiny day, but wow a seriously cold blast of wind running along the beach. Today we headed to Holme-next-the-sea a small village just around the coast from Hunstanton, to pick up from where we left off yesterday. There is a car park, chargeable, but we were lucky enough to squeeze into a bit of roadside parking for free! I don’t know why I have become so obsessed about parking for free but I have! Beyond the dunes this fabulous beach lay waiting….

The sand is soft but with quite a lot of stones in it and quite a few people out, no doubt, like me, enjoying the opportunity to get out whilst we still can! As we head off in a North easterly direction the wind is ferocious, making walking into it, as we are, quite a challenge and just to add to the mix, blasting a fine layer of sand with it!

Fortunately the tide is far enough out for us to walk on the wet sand away from the low flying soft sand and save Poppydog from a sand blasting!

Here the beach resembles a moonscape and dodging the pools distracts me from the biting wind. After a couple of miles or so we reach Gore Point, where the beach inclines towards the east and Holme Dunes Nature Reserve begins.

After a quick foray inland where it is much more sheltered from the wind, we decide to about turn, admit defeat to the wind and save the next bit of beach to another day…

What a fabulous parting shot as we rejoin the beach at Holme Dunes and get blown by the wind all the way back!

Old Hunstanton and it’s fabulous beach….

A bit wet overnight and for our morning walk but brightening up by lunchtime with a mostly sunny afternoon. Today we are off to explore Old Hunstanton, parking up on the roadside above the cliffs in Hunstanton. Taking a quick look at the ruins of St Edmund’s Chapel on St Edmund’s Point with a glimpse of the Lighthouse through the archway (all that remains)….St Edmund, King of East Anglia from 855 was beheaded by the Vikings in 869 for not renouncing his faith, his head was tossed into the forest and later recovered by his men at the feet of a wolf who was keeping it safe! And so we have a wolf….We then took a closer look at the Lighthouse, closed in 1922 and now an holiday home…Before walking down towards this fabulous beach….

A short way along the beach, beyond the dunes and a collection of pretty beach huts, sits the flint stone village of Old Hunstanton…

Continuing along the beach a fairly deep (wellies ok but walking boots not so) divides the beach and we are forced to stay on the inland side (the tide is coming in and I certainly don’t want to get caught out!

Our turning point is Holme-next-the-sea where marshlands stretch in front of us before a stretch of low tide beach and the sea.

On our return we are trying to stay ahead of the rather black looking cloud that seems to be coming our way…

We don’t quite make it but it is fortunately short and sharp and though we get wet, the following sun and ever present breeze soon sorts us out again.

We even linger a while to watch the kite surfers – crikey they must be cold!!

A delightful 5 mile walk and home to find out what Boris has in store for us today.

A mizzog walk on Snettisham Beach….

A grey start quickly followed be some rather damp mizzle for – yes I’m afraid the rest of the day – it just snivelled by. Still we shall not allow a little damp stuff to stand in our way and set off for Heacham. Instead of exploring pastures new we opted for walking back along Snettisham Beach which was deserted so that Poppydog could have a good runabout.

And she’s gone….Then she’s back, a speck on the horizon….

We kept this up for an hour before giving in to the dampness and heading back to the warmth of home.

From Snettisham to Heacham….

Another fine day here in Norfolk – is spring on the way? Whatever, we are going to enjoy it anyway. Today we headed back to Shepherds Port and our sneaky parking spot, but this time we are walking northwards towards Hunstanton.

I’m afraid I just can’t resist a shot with marram grass in it!

The beach here is still mostly stony so lying on it might be a bit lumpy and sand castle building a no no and as the tide is high again I’m not sure what the swimming conditions would be like – time will tell.

For a couple of miles the beach is backed by the sand covered sea wall and behind that a large Nature Reserve with wetlands and marshlands. Fabulous dog walking country. As we walked along the dunes / sea wall which incidentally we pretty much had to ourselves, stretching in front of us is South Beach, Heacham.

Here the brisk breeze is being put to good use as a few kite surfers glide over the surf at a fair rate of knots!

The beach is empty and Poppydog has found a ball, so we pause a while, for me a sit in the sun to watch the kite surfing and for Poppydog….

Her own little game of fetch cum hide and seek – who knows? But if it keeps her quiet, entertained and running off some energy then it is good by me.

Now please don’t think me facetious but I believe we are self-isolating as best we can in these very strange times. Keep well and safe.