A stunning walk along the shore to Gullane….

At last the wind seems to be letting up and a mostly sunny day was in store for us. With the sun on our faces we wandered down to Broad Sands, looking breathtakingly beautiful at low tide…..

Today we turned left and soon popped around the headland to Longskelly Beach which was again deserted.

At the end of this beach we ventured up onto the dunes to get around the Weaklaw Rocks and clambered down (the last few metres with the assistance of a rope!) onto this amazing expanse of sand….

Eyebroughy Beach, backed by a small bank of pebbles and dunes and a golf course beyond that was completely empty.

Poppydog had an absolute ball!

And I am completely blown away by the absolute beauty and the fact that no one else is on it?

Part way along the beach is this magnificent cairn…

Though quite what it marks with its propellor on the seaward side, remains a mystery as there was no accompanying plaque.

If we had been a bit earlier the tide goes out far enough to allow you to walk to Eyeboughy Island briefly so maybe another day.

Though Fidra clearly always remains an island!

Around the next corner lies yet another long sandy beach – Muirfield Beach (as it is backed by part of Muirfield Golf Course!) with what looks like some pretty ominous clouds just beyond!

A stunning beach.

We press on (regardless) towards the black clouds, dipping down onto one of the smaller coves at Black Rocks.

And then the black clouds gave up their burden as we looked across at Gullane Bay – ah well we will come back another day to see it properly!

At this point we made our way inland to follow the John Muir Way to complete this 8.5 mile walk back to site and the rain kept us company most of the way – how sweet!

Two thoughts of the day:

Steam drying in the sunshine could be a new trend?

This area is certainly on my list of beautiful places – these beaches are quite incredible.

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