A walk through the wilderness around Barn Ness Lighthouse…..

Another grey but dry day with a little fresh sea breeze blowing. Today we decided to walk to the Lighthouse and beyond. The tide was still high, so once we arrived at the Lighthouse we followed the John Muir Trail along the coast. The path takes us through some meadow land and having been assured that the fields are livestock free and quite safe, Poppydog got her freedom.

She was in heaven, scents and more scents, birds twittering around….

As we neared Skateraw Harbour (our original ldestination) we diverted to take a look at the beach and yes a little bit of beach is appearing so we took the opportunity for a play.

A rather ugly Power Station somewhat ruins the view! However the sea is quite choppy and roaring in our ears as it crashes across the stony beach and Poppydog is happy chasing stones so all is well in our world. We decided to save Skateraw for another day and made our way back through the meadows towards the Lighthouse.

Just before the lighthouse we again joined the beach.

What a lovely surprise….

A beautiful white sandy bay….

A lovely 6.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Bass Rock seems to be as elusive as the Isle of Arran – here one moment and gone the next!

This is a big campsite but I’m not sure where everyone goes as the local walks and beaches are pretty deserted! Not complaining!

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