From Prestonpans to Musselburgh….

A little hazy again today but nice and warm even though mostly overcast. Today because we needed to get dog food as I forgot to get some whilst we were in Edinburgh so we head off in that direction to Prestonpans. Now the tide is against us and is fully in, however I’m not sure that this little stretch of the coastline would be up there in the beauty stakes even if the tide was out. Firstly we walked towards Musselburgh, the coastal path or John Muir Trail took us along the shoreline with the wilderness of Levenhall Park to our left.

No access to the shore and no sign of any beach along this stretch and soon we had arrived at Musselburgh with Fisherrow Sands just visible on the other side of the river.

Also an impressive view of Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat in the distance – quite incredible to think this is in the middle of the city! At this point we turned back and then walked beyond where we had parked the car towards Prestonpans.

Still no real sign of a beach, though we were able to scramble down to the stony shoreline for a bit of a play.

We did then find a little bit of greyish sand as Levenhall Beach gradually appeared as the tides recede.

So Poppydog was able to have a play with the tennis ball that she had found earlier – 5.5 miles – not the prettiest but heh ho!

Two thoughts of the day:

Whilst in Edinburgh getting the dog food the heavens opened – when we got back to site the ground was dry – looks like we are doing a good job of dodging the weather!

Also happened to be a M&S Foodhall bear Pets at Home so a little indulgence was called for!

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