A beautiful summers day at Newton-on-Ayr….

A lovely still warm night followed by a glorious hot summers day – now this we could get used to!

We needed to get a puncture repaired on the car today so I took it into Kwik Fit and left it there whilst Poppydog and I went off in search of the beach. On the way we passed a dog grooming parlour so we popped in on the off chance, as Poppydog’s ears are seriously matted and she won’t let me near them! As they were waiting for a client to arrive, they offered to do her ears right away – result! Now bearing in mind she was skittering and dodging about they managed to do a pretty decent job in removing all the tangles and cropping her ears fairly evenly. When I asked how much it would be – I was just told to put a couple of quid in the charity box!

To get over her trauma we hurried down for a serious play on the mostly empty Newton-on-Ayr beach.

Surprisingly the water was really quite warm!

Thats the first proper paddle I’ve had this year! Poppydog enjoyed it too!

And with her ‘go faster’ ears was quite content to race around chasing a ball or seagulls for a couple of hours until it was time to go and fetch the car.

The car was ready for us and when I asked how much it would be, I was told ‘Ach it was just a wee screw which I pulled out and repaired the wee hole so just put a few quid in the charity box’ – can you believe that?

Two thoughts of the day:

How do the Scots stay in business?

Life is about to change as the Scottish school holidays start at the end of this week – I wonder?

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