Well summer has arrived at Newton-on-Ayr…..

A warm night followed by a warm day!! A cloudyish start but soon the sun came out and stayed out and it was actually lovely and warm – can we believe that summer has arrived? To celebrate it’s arrival we made our way to Prestwick.As the tide was fully out we walked southwards along the beach and around the corner to Newton-on-Ayr beach. Last time we came here there was just a narrow strip of stony beach, whereas today….

A fabulous long stretch of mostly sandy bay. A few areas of barnacle covered stones but mostly just sand as far as the harbour in Ayr.

What a find – it really didn’t look much at high tide but though not the mist attractive beach it is a great dog walking beach and according to a local it is never busy – I guess if you live round here there is plenty of choice!

Not a long walk only 4.5 miles but a lovely bit of sunshine and we found another ball!

Two thoughts of the day:

Was planning a little trip to Arran for tomorrow but left it too late to book the ferry – really I am so busy!

Why are three chocolate biscuits never enough?

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