A fabulous sunny walk along Ayr Beach….

A lovely balmy evening (and we don’t get many of those), warm night and beautiful hot (oh yes) sunny day. The only beach left on this stretch for us to walk along is in fact Ayr Beach. We visited it briefly on the day we arrived but today we decided to walk along it. As expected on this beautiful day and with the local schools having broken up either yesterday or at some point today, it was pretty busy!

No matter, we walked to the waters edge and as it was deliciously warm, we paddled our way along the beach. Initially it was a bit frustrating as Poppydog desperately wanted to be let off the lead and join in all the fun, but unfortunately with so many footballs, children and others dogs about, it would have been carnage! As we got further down the beach and the crowds thinned, she was allowed to use the full length of her lead (8m) to scamper about (or sit and wistfully look at others playing!).

At the far end, where the beach is separated from Doonfoot Beach by the river Doon, there was really nobody about and so she was given some freedom and we both happily splashed about in the shallows for awhile.

It really is a stunning day, even the swans have taken a trip down the river to enjoy the shallows.I don’t know how far out you would actually have to wade until you could swim as everyone seemed to keep within 50m or so which wasn’t even waist height!A great 7 mile walk (including the walk along the river from site and back).

Two thoughts of the day:

I have not seen any sign of Lifeguards on any of the beaches so far, though both the police and fire service seemed to be patrolling from the coast road?

I also haven’t come across any dog restrictions on any of the beaches so far – fabulous!

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