Girvan and it’s rather splendid beach….

Wet, wet and more wet! Needs must, so we headed into Girvan anyway, parking up by the golf course (or maybe even in the golf course car park it wasn’t clear) we walked along the shoreline northwards towards where we finished our Turnberry walk but with the tide in it became a struggle stumbling over stones all the while so we eventually cut back towards Girvan. Sadly Girvan looks rather run down but with a busy looking little harbour and some pretty planting alongside.

On the far side we wandered out to what’s left of the harbour entrance light – all looking rather bleak in the rain.

Beyond the harbour wall is the long sandy beach.

The beach had clearly been raked or dragged or whatever it is that some beaches get done (seaweed removal?) – the first time we’ve seen this since Barry Island!

It is not the prettiest beach but in all fairness probably looks totally different in the sunshine but we were happy as it was sandy, long and empty.

I’m afraid though that we are wet enough and so decided to return to the car and home. 5.5 miles. Catching a glimpse of Ailsa Craig beyond the harbour, just visible through the rain.

Two thoughts of the day:

No sign of Arran today!

Sunshine please come back!

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