From Girvan to Ardwell Bay….

At the risk of sounding boring it is raining again! Still we are on a mission so we went out anyway, parking at the far end (south) of Girvan we planned to walk along the coastal path. The tide is pretty much fully in so the footpath it is!

The first bay we came to was Woodland Bay, which is showing some sand, though as with all this stretch the sand is quite dark and coarse.

From here on though for coastal path read grass verge! It was pretty miserable walking along the side of the road, stumbling along in the rain with no clear path – have I missed something? It doesn’t appear so – anyhow we struggled on for a couple of miles to reach Ardwell Bay (our revised destination after realising that this section of the coastal path is so ropey).

Not a grain of sand to be seen and lots of smelly damp seaweed – oh well – we will pop back for a quick look some time when the tide is out just to be sure but even so it is nothing like it’s namesake on the Rhinns!

As the tide is on the turn we decided to make our return journey along the shoreline so that Poppydog can have a good run around and even if it is a struggle it has got to be better than being roadside!

As the tide recedes we get to enjoy Port Cardloch Bay.

Black Neuk Point.

And are kept company by the mysterious cloud capped Ailsa Craig – oh yes and the rain all the while. 5 miles.

Two thoughts of the day:

Poppydog really doesn’t care about the quality of the beach just the quantity!

Not a great section of the coastal path today – definitely in ‘the must try harder’ category!

2 thoughts on “From Girvan to Ardwell Bay….

  1. I would recommend that a visit down the wigtownshire coast will not leave you disappointed. The stunning scenery is breathtaking. Also you will find that the people are so friendly.


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