Bracken Bay and the Heads of Ayr…..

A few heavy showers around during the day but we got lucky and missed the worst of it. Today we are off to see Bracken Bay, leaving the car up on the main road in a lay-by we walked down the access lane for a smallish caravan park to pick up the coastal path as it meandered down to the beach.

Not the most attractive beach but some nice sand and not too much weed!

The clouds were low and heavy but every now and then a glittering of sunshine splashed across the sea.

After a play on the beach we carried on northwards towards Ayr.And were soon wandering beneath the towering green cliffs of the Heads of Ayr.

Quite rocky but still with enough sand to make walking relatively easy, though I’m glad that I knew the tide was starting to go out, rather than wandering how much higher it would come!

Only 4 miles (for me!) but we really enjoyed it and that is what counts.

Two thoughts of the day:

I cannot find the words to describe how beautiful it is to get glimpses of Arran – this evening in the pouring rain – this golden haze over the island and sea in between – just stunning!

Am struggling to do these sunsets justice – believe me it was way more impressive to the naked eye.

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