Dunure and it’s lovely rugged coastline….

A somewhat wild night and day for us, but at least it was dry from mid morning onwards. Today we head north to Dunure, just a few miles up the road and shock horror we are expected to pay for parking at the Castle! Not likely, so we do a quick u-turn and head back up the road to a lay-by! From here it is a short walk down the road and into the park by the castle, walking across the park to the cliff top we are rewarded by extensive sea views, across to Arran if it wasn’t shrouded in cloud and along the coast to the Castle.

We walk around the castle ruins, disappointed to not find any ‘room with a view’ photo opportunities, Poppydog solves the problem by jumping up onto a castle wall.

From here we wander down onto Castle Beach for Poppydog to have a bit of a runaround – no sand but plenty of stones!

Dunure is a pretty little fishing village all centred around a small harbour with a pub, a cafe and a little ice cream shop! Quite the centre of tourism!

We caught a couple of jet skis on their way out to play in the sea beyond.

We then followed the coastal path along the main beach (still very little sand) but plenty of space for Poppydog to do her stuff.

I’m not quite sure what happened to the coastal path at the end of the beach but we pressed on finding cove after cove with only a little bit of scrambling in between.

Poppydog had a ball and to be fair if she is happy then I’m happy! A lovely afternoon and 5 miles walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

We are going to have to plan our trip to Arran very carefully as it is shrouded in cloud more days than not!

I am totally enthralled with Ailsa Craig – every time we see it, it looks different, yet quite distinctive and shall remain a mystery as it is not accessible – aah!

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