As North Berwick appeared through the mist….

Well we were forecast wall to wall rain today but after a wet night we were left with a dry but misty damp day until the sun appeared early afternoon. Though the heavens did open again in the evening, which didn’t bother us (though I had to turn the telly up loud!). The weather looked more promising northwards so we headed off in that direction, actually a bit further than planned and we arrived in a mist shrouded North Berwick. We ended up parking by the Law a volcanic plug (conical hill to you or I) just on the outskirts, as our visit had coincided with their Highland Games so everywhere was rather busy. Absolutely no point in climbing the Law as it was covered in mist, though on a clear day I should imagine (and hopefully we will discover) would be amazing. We wandered down through the town to the busy harbour.

Either side of the harbour our two fabulous sandy beaches – West Beach…

And East Beach or Milsey Bay with a large sea paddling pool….

A couple of sculptures at the harbour caught my attention The Arctic Tern, making the entrance to the Seabird Centre..

And the ‘Watcher’ keeping a close eye on all the birds attracted to Bass Rock – still shrouded in mist….

As we walked along Milsey Bay, the mist gradually lifted and we found a quiet spot by a stream at the far end for a play.

How strange that the sea mist lingers around the bottom of Craigleith Island making it appear to be floating…We wandered back towards the town along the coast road.

Passing the Highland Games, though we didn’t venture in as the piping was not to Poppydog’s taste, just stopping for a few moments to watch some kilted giants throw a sack of something over a 15’6 bar but not quite make it over 16′.

Back at the car park we had our first proper look at The Law…

A lovely 5 mile walk and sneak preview of some of the fabulous beaches awaiting us on the next stage of our journey.

Two thoughts of the day:

How magical? Bass Rock still hanging onto a skirt of mist…

We’ve been a little lucky with the weather today!

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