Grabbing a brief dry spell on Whitesands Beach….

Can you believe the change in weather? Yesterday a beautiful summers day, today a wet and wild autumn day! We had to wait until about half two for the rain to eventually ease and as it didn’t look like it was going to stay dry for long, we just popped down the road to the beach.

Not surprisingly we had the beach to ourselves, so armed with the thrower and a couple of balls I made sure Poppydog had a good runabout whilst I just ambled along. After an hour or so, the sky suddenly cleared and out popped the sun.

And we have our beautiful white beach back again.

It stayed fine for a few more hours and then sure enough the heavens opened again but by this time we were back on site and cosied down in the van!

Two thoughts of the day:

Looks like we are in for a tumultuous couple of days but at least we are not forecast any high winds!

Cherry tomatoes are not as nice as plum tomatoes, in my opinion.

4 thoughts on “Grabbing a brief dry spell on Whitesands Beach….

    • Yes we seem to be dodging the worst – was supposed to have been raining all day but been lovely all afternoon though the clouds, thunder and mist is rolling in now! Hope you are doing well – where are you now?


      • We’re ‘in the brick’ on the S Coast. We’re hoping to get away before the B word. It’s a bit of an issue with the pooches but we think we’ve got a solution! They’re going to get Italian passports!


      • Oh ok – be interested to hear how that works out? Not that I have any immediate plans to cross the water – still so much coastline here to cover first but never say never! Good luck and keep posting x


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