A walk around Edinburgh…

After some pretty torrential rain during the wee hours the day dawned mostly grey and warm, ideal for a wander around the city. We caught the mini bus shuttle from the site to the city centre and soon had the magnificent castle in view.

We wandered up for a closer look and to hear the 1 O’ Clock canon, though no dogs are allowed beyond the drawbridge I can’t say that Poppydog was holding me back, not at £19.50 a pop!

From here we wandered down the crowded and colourful Royal Mile.

Poppydog was not very impressed by the street actors finding them quite spooky!

Past St Giles Cathedral.

A Christmas shop!

And some fabulous mix of beautiful old buildings.

Until we arrived at the beautiful (albeit glimpses through the railings) Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Opposite the ultra modern Scottish Parliament.

From here to give Poppydog a bit of a break from all the crowds and a green space for a runaround we walked the short distance to Holyrood Park – wow can you believe this is in the middle of the city?

We shall return another day to walk through this park and view the sights from above the city. For today we followed the road that circles the park, giving Poppydog the chance for a quick cooling swim in St Margaret’s Loch (at the opposite end to the swans) and for me to enjoy the view of the ruins of St Anthony’s Chapel.

We continued our journey past the ultra modern and the graceful past.

Everywhere is clean and colourful with much evidence of ongoing preparation for the August Festivals.

Eventually our walk took us down Princes Street.

A final look at the castle bringing our 9 mile walk to an appropriate end – wow a fantastic day out.

Two thoughts of the day:

Yes it is busy and noisy but clean and friendly – we like.

Poppydog was an absolute star – not her favourite kind of walk but she was extremely well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed a fair bit of fuss and attention from passersby.

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