A walk to Cramond Island…

Another beautiful day dawned (not that I was up to see it!) and as promised a lovely sunny day we enjoyed, a little coastal breeze was blowing which was indeed quite welcome. Now the tides are right so we set off to walk down to the beach and across the causeway to Cramond Island.

Cramond Beach was busy with people enjoying the weather, though with so much beach and the grassy banks beyond it was by no means packed.

We checked the timetable showing we are good to cross until 4.33 – plenty of time and set off across the initially narrow pathway.

The pathway widened as we joined the section beyond the breakwater and is serenaded across the water by the remains of the WWII anti-boat pylons.

Quite a dramatic sight both when fully exposed as now and when partially submerged by the tide.

There is no vehicular access to the island but a myriad of footpaths, some more overgrown than others criss cross this small island (only about a third of a mile long) and we soon found what we were looking for a quiet little part sandy beach at the far end of the island.

Here Poppydog was free to play with plenty of stones to keep her occupied. After a time we wandered around the rest of the island, taking in the derelict WWII buildings, all now suitably covered in graffiti – why?

Enjoyed the spectacular view back across Cramond Beach with the Edinburgh skyline in the distance to the left.

A further rocky beach beyond the glorious pink wild flowers.

And another busier part sandy cove just before we arrived back at the Causeway.

As the tide is only just beginning to come back in we decided to make our way back across the beach and enjoy the warmth of the shallows.

A fabulous mini Island adventure and glorious 6 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Can this weather hold? We have avoided all the thunderstorms so far.

There are probably more European vans on this site at the moment than British, which is a first and probably the draw of Edinburgh, I wonder how much that will change?

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