A lovely sunny afternoon on Portobello Beach….

After a warm and clear night there were a few clouds around this morning but not for long as a beautiful warm and sunny day was our delight. We drove along the coast road around the city to Portobello, originally a town in its own rite but now the ‘seaside’ suburb of Edinburgh, finding parking (roadside) at the far end of the beach. A fabulous 2 mile sandy beach, with a buzzing promenade scattered with cafes and bars and backed by attractive terraces of houses.

On this unusually warm and sunny day (during the Scottish school holidays) the central part of the beach was packed with families and groups enjoying themselves.

Too busy for poor Poppydog who was beside herself with all the children running around, especially those playing ball, so we dodged our way along the busy promenade to the Leith end of the beach and as we neared the end, were rewarded with an empty beach to play in.

After a paddle and play, we made our way back along the beach for a while, until it got too busy (Poppydog back on the lead again) – how beautiful is this?

More and more people are still arriving but I think it is time for us to move on.

We popped along the road for a couple of miles to Musselburgh and had a brief walk along the promenade to look at Musselburgh Beach, which was also very busy.

Pretty little Fisherrow Harbour…

And finally stopping for a play on the quieter and stonier Fisherrow Sands.

A rather busy but nonetheless enjoyable 5.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Better close up the hatches tonight just in case the forecast thunderstorms strike in the early hours!

Now so far the Scots seem to handle free parking and dogs on all beaches – so England and Wales….

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