A stroll in the rain along Ardeer Beach….

Well it rained during the night but was dry though overcast during the morning and as the forecasted thunderstorms had disappeared off the BBC weather for this area we set off for Stevenston. At the coast there was a huge park of open grassland which looked safe for Poppydog and she was soon racing around chasing birds. At first we looked down onto Stevenston Beach, a large expanse of sand, which we will visit another day.

We made our way across the Ardeer Headland (south) and there in front of us was the mile or so of sandy Ardeer Beach.

Apart from another dog walker in the distance, the beach was deserted. The weather however took a sudden nosedive and with a few rumbles of thunder the heavens opened.

Now they do say “there is no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing!” – well I’m afraid today that was me!

Still you can only get so wet – so we carried on and eventually saw it through.

We didn’t make it to the end of the beach back in Irvine but enjoyed a fair 4 mile walk and then returned to site to dry off!

Two thoughts of the day:

How is this comfortable?

Is it summer yet?

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