From Stevenston to Saltcoats….

After a warm and still night the day was quite cloudy but warm with a light coastal breeze – perfect. We parked up in the same place as yesterday and after a runaround in the grassland for Poppydog….We walked northwards and down onto the lovely expanse of sand that is Stevenston Beach.

A lovely strip of soft sand, backed by dunes and low grassland, with a few stony patches but mostly just powdery sand or wet sand. After a play we wandered up onto the dunes for a better look, towards Saltcoats….

And back towards Ardeer….

Even Poppydog sat for about 10 seconds to take it all in!…

As we approached Saltcoats the wooden groins added a certain drama, with Arran in the distance and some fairly dusky clouds – the overall effect I think you’ll agree is quite something.

In Saltcoats the harbour feels a bit abandoned with not a boat in sight.

And just around the corner a series of old bathing pools with spectacular views across to Arran.

Leading on to another large crescent shaped sandy bay – Saltcoats Beach, with Ardrossan and the Ferry to Arran at the far end.

Half way along the beach Stanley Burn runs out to sea providing a suitable bathing area for the seagulls and Poppydog (not at the same time!).

Another play on the beach before we start our walk back.

Two very fine beaches and a splendid 7.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Ayrshire – a dog walkers paradise with beach after beach and very few people around.

Time for bed!

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