Walking from Turnberry towards Girvan…..

At last the rain seems to have moved on – well for today atleast! It was mostly a grey day with the odd glimpse of blue sky and sunshine later on in the afternoon. Today we parked up at Turnberry (so far all the parking in Scotland has been free – note English and Welsh counterparts!) which is a small twee looking village of white painted houses with red roofs and matching hotel and golf club (photos another day) and joined the coastal path. In reality the coastal path turned out to be the beach – pretty heavy going as it was mostly soft sand and patches of stones with the tide quite well in.

As there were quite a few people on the main Turnberry beach we turned left and made our way towards Girvan along Balkenna Bay. The further along we went the stonier the beach became and with it, as the tide is on the turn, rather an unwelcome amount of pongy seaweed!

Still we stuck with it, enjoying the solitude and bracing breeze, Poppydog happy chasing seabirds and the occasional stone until we reached Dunnymuck where we turned about to make our way back. Turnberry Lighthouse a constant beacon on the return.

A last look along Turnberry Bay before completing our 6 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Sometimes the smell of seaweed is completely overpowering and pretty awful!

We haven’t seen Arran for 3 days and this evening she made an appearance all smokey blue and mysterious – how simply beautiful!

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