The west side of Loch Ryan…

Not such a nice day today, grey all day with a few spots of rain here and there. Again we need a few supplies so as we need to go into Stranraer for them, we headed north of the town to find Lady Bay.

Unsure looking at the map, whether the track went all the way down to the beach we decided to park up at the end of the lane. As it turned out the track did lead to a small parking area behind the beach, however the tyre ruts were so deep in places, I’m sure the car would have grounded, so I’m glad we left it where we did!

When we arrived on the beach there was another family down there (how rude?) but they were soon on the move and for the rest of our visit we had this small strip of sand to ourselves. We watched a huge P&O ferry arrive in the Loch from Ireland.

After a good play, we wandered back up the hill, looking back down over open farmland to the Loch and mainland beyond.

As we reached the top of the road we just caught this view over the hedgerow.

Looks quite surreal but I can’t quite work out what the conical hill is or where it is over the water – any ideas?

As we returned to Stranraer we called in at Wig Bay but it was s big disappointing with very little sand, although it is nearly low tide.

And again at Stranraer North Shore, similarly more stone and seaweed covered rocks than sand.Aah well they can’t all be stunning!

Two thoughts of the day:

Need to check up on outstanding beaches, as I haven’t been very logical on this stay – don’t want to miss any!

Food shopping, will always remain a mystery to me!

2 thoughts on “The west side of Loch Ryan…

  1. Hi Clare
    Love the stunning photography and reading about your explorations – is the “conical” rock Ailsa Craig I wonder?? It can look conical depending on viewpoint as FayeI’m not sure where you were exactly/what direction you were facing when taking the foto……


    • Yes Faye, thank you, you are quite right – I asked someone locally and they confirmed it was Ailsa Craig it is roughly north from the Corsewall Lighthouse – glad you are enjoying the blog – this really is an amazing journey.


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