From stunning Portpatrick to Killantringan Lighthouse….

It was looking a bit gloomy this morning but as the day progressed it just got better and better and dare I say it – warmer! Today we are bound for Portpatrick and what an absolute delight!

Pretty as a picture and the only sign of a thriving community that we have seen so far, not much in the way of shops (a bakery, general store and that’s about it) but a few pubs, eateries and hotels, all nicely done up and with plenty of folk around enjoying the outside areas in the sun – lovely atmosphere- we like! All the parking was free (as it has been so far in Scotland). Oh yes and a little sandy beach too!

This is the start of the Southern Upland Way (a coast to coast 214 mile footpath from Portpatrick to Cockburnspath on the East Coast) which for the first 3 miles or so follows the coast northwards to Killantringan Lighthouse before heading inland and so suits us perfectly.

After a bit of a steep climb including rather a lot of steps the footpath meanders along the cliffs which are absolutely glorious with little pockets of bluebells, pink campion and sea pinks. The path gradually winds its way down to our first beach, Port Mora, a stone backed sandy sheltered cove.

Perfect for a little stop to enjoy the sunshine.

I’m glad we had taken a breather as the steps back up to the cliff top where rather harsh! Before long we were on our way back down again, this time to the rather more stony Portavaddie Cove.

Poppydog had a brief run around as we crossed the beach but had to go back on the lead as we ventured up the steps on the other side – as she is far too lemming like for me to take a chance when we are high up without a lead. Up on top of the cliffs, in the distance our destination Killantringan Lighthouse perched up above the pretty Portamaggie Bay on Black Head.

How stunning is this beach? With the wreck of MV Craigantlet, a cargo ship that ran aground here in 1982 clearly visible in the bay.

Yet another home with a view and location to die for?

This beach was also deserted (I think everyone has just stayed in Portpatrick as we haven’t passed anyone on the way!) so we went down for a play.

The lighthouse towering above us.

From here we headed inland, catching a glimpse of the lovely Killantringan Bay which we shall enjoy another day.

We returned to Portpatrick via the lanes and enjoyed the atmosphere of this buzzing little harbour for awhile with a well earned cold drink after our wonderful 8 mile round trip.

Two thoughts of the day:

One of the nicest walks we have had in a long while – I might even be so bold as to say this year!

If you haven’t and can – The Rhinns of Galloway is well worth a visit – it really is this stunning.

3 thoughts on “From stunning Portpatrick to Killantringan Lighthouse….

  1. Portpatrick always has a special place in my heart. Is the shop ‘Smugglers Cove’ still there? We bought a life-sized bronze cheetah there when we were just married. We named him Rick. We have three cheetahs in total; Paw, Pat and Rick!


    • If it is the shop on the front with all sorts of animal sculptures sitting along the wall and in the little patio then yes still going strong by the looks of it! I liked Portpatrick, it had a great atmosphere and to be fair probably the only sign of a thriving community I’ve seen for quite some time!

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