From Chyvarloe along Halzephron Cliffs….

Wet this morning and with mizzly skies looking set in for the day, we were not overly excited at the thought of an afternoon walk. However, needs must and so we headed off to Chyvarloe. Surprisingly here, although barely 5 miles north, the sky was much clearer with even a few glimpses of blue and some sunshine! Instead of following the footpath down to Loe Bar we took the footpath across fields towards the sea to join the coastal path heading south. We are not disappointed when we get this fabulous view of Fishing Cove, Gunwalloe…

Either side of the footpath are fields strewn with grasses and wild flowers providing Poppydog with a fabulous playground to run off a bit of energy…

Who doesn’t love a Poppy Field?….

We resisted the temptation to go down and enjoy Fishing Cove, continuing along the coastal path to discover Halzephron Cove….

Last time I came looking for this cove, the tide was high and it was lashing down with rain and the mission was unsuccessful. Pity that there is no way down onto the beach, though I’m sure the resident gulls where somewhat relieved! As we continued along Halzephron cliffs, looking back on the cove with spectacular views along Fishing Cove and Loe Bar.

Further along the cliffs we were mesmerised by a kestrel? sparrow hawk? hovering over the cliff edge….

And down below Pedngwinian Cove – not exactly a beach but still pretty dramatic…

We sat at the end of the world for a while, enjoying a bit of blue sky and sunshine…

Looking southwards at the low cloud sitting over the Lizard and Dollar Cove splendid at low tide.

A surprisingly warm and part sunny 5.5 mile walk after such a gloomy start to the day is always a bonus!

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