A short walk down from Chyvarloe to Loe Bar….

A lovely, mostly sunny and warm day. Today we are meeting up with friends at the little car park at Chyvarloe up above Loe Bar (South). Following the track from the car park, we soon get our first glimpse over a field gate, down on the Bar and the beautifully tranquil sea beyond.

A bit further on and the bar (a natural sand and shingle bar separating Loe Pool – the largest natural freshwater lake in Cornwall from the sea) appears before us at the end of the track.

Today the colours of and surrounding (the Penrose Estate NT) the Pool are so vibrant as to somehow almost look unnatural, as though a little bit of artistic licence has been applied to the palette.

With absolutely no hesitation Poppydog is in there, not even waiting to have her lead removed….

To be honest it was so very beautiful and peaceful, that having found ‘our spot’, all ideas of an extended walk disappeared and instead we sat and chatted the afternoon away! Poppydog was for once quite content to chase into the water after her ball and actually bring it back for it to be thrown again – happy days.

When we did eventually decide to move on it was only to cross the bar and walk back along the sea….

There were very few other people about – have we found ‘our spot’ for the summer?

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