From Caerthillian around Lizard Point to Bass Point….

A rather unpleasant day, mostly mizzly and with quite a brisk breeze, though at times it showed promise, the sun didn’t manage to break through. Undeterred we parked up on the village green and wandered down towards Caerthillian Cove. Visibility is not good but we love the natural ruggedness of the stretch of coastline, looking north towards Kynance…

Heading south towards the Lizard, there is plenty of grassland for Poppydog to enjoy a run about but a tad too close to the edges of these treacherous cliffs to ‘off road’.

A bit further along the path Lizard Point comes into view, with the Lighthouse just visible up on top….

As always it is quite busy with visitors and indeed Polpeor Cafe boasting probably the best sea views anywhere in the world is doing a roaring trade (albeit with considerably less tables than usual) and from past experience I would highly recommend a sit down and bite to eat whilst you enjoy the views.

It is all a bit too busy for us here so after a quick peak down at Polpeor Cove and the old lifeboat station and spotting a couple of seals bobbing about in the waves, we moved on.

Along the path a bit, past the footpath up to the car park, as the numbers of people about cleared dramatically, we took a moment to look across Polbream Cove (not accessible) at the point with its random collection of buildings seemingly perched along it’s rocky spine.

We continue along the coastal path and enjoy our first glimpse of Housel Bay…

A beautiful white sandy cove (only at low tide) with typically turquoise seas (when the sun shines!).

Housel is accessed down very steep stone steps and a serious clamber over large rocks at the bottom which usually keeps the crowds away. It is also quite tricky for dogs to get on and off the beach and as the tide was half in we decided to leave it for another day.

The steps run down through this steep valley….

Back up the other side of the valley looking back down on the cove with the Lighthouse visible in the distance.

Further along the coastal path we pass Lloyd’s Signal Station (now a rather luxurious holiday home) and around Bass Point before taking an inland turn back into Lizard village. One of the beauties of living in Lizard village (which we did for 5 years) is that it is a bit like a bicycle wheel with many spokes of footpaths leading out on to the coastal path all the way round.

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