Another fabulous walk along Cocklawburn Beach all the way to Goswick Sands….

Definitely feeling like September but mostly dry and sunny. The tides are with us today so we decided to take a long beach walk from Cocklawburn Beach…

What I had originally thought was 3 seperate beaches in fact at low tide are all one long beach.

We were also able to walk straight along (over a few rocky bits) onto Cheswick Beach – Poppydog is the little speck at the end of her footsteps in the sand….

There were a few other walkers around but more than enough beach for everyone.

In fact at low tide you could walk from Cocklawburn all the way out to Holy Island some 7 miles away albeit you would have to wade across a couple of streams on the way. We decided that half way there was enough and turned back at the first one.

What an absolutely fabulous beach and 7.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

If this is a prime example of the Northumberland Coast – we are going to enjoy the next 5 or 6 weeks.

I had thought that maybe we had been spoilt doing the West Coast first – may be not!

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