Day one on the Holy Island…

How lovely, the day dawned bright and sunny and stayed that way, nice and warm too! Today we are bound for The Holy Island, a tidal island a couple if miles off shore, linked by a causeway though cut off for 4.5 hours over each high tide. We had intended to walk across the causeway (a couple of miles) but were on it before finding somewhere to park the car. Instead we parked up on the Snook a section of dunes sitting above the high tide line, partway across the causeway.

From here we cut across the dunes onto – well miles and miles of sand – how amazing…

In the distance is Goswick Sands, but closer to us Snook Beach…

The odd person just visible in the distance but essentially all ours!

It was quite wonderful standing on this beach, looking around and the only things we could see were the dunes, sand and sea, the only sounds, the sea and birds a truly magical moment. Just look at this beach, the colours and patterns….

Oh and Poppydog has found her own little oasis….

Time to move on and so we wandered through the dunes, heading around the island clockwise (we like to do things in a clockwise direction), Poppydog still free as a bird as there doesn’t appear to be anyone about. Next stop the lovely beach of Coves Haven.

Beautiful white sand, though a bit rocky and weedy at the waters edge…

Over and around the dunes we went and here is another stunningly white bay, Sandown….

Either which way you look – simply beautiful….

Bearing in mind it is such a beautiful day where is everyone?

After another while scrambling over the dunes we reached the cairn on Emmanuel Head our final point for today.

As we must cross the Causeway before the tide gets too high we wandered back to the car through the dunes with a glimpse of the castle in the distance…

and left the Island behind with just 16 minutes to spare after a fabulous 7.5 mile walk.

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