Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Humberston and Humberston Fitties – what a day!….

Cold but pretty bright and sunny mist of the day. After a rather long and somewhat tedious drive (why are there so many right angle bends on the Lincolnshire roads?) we arrived in Cleethorpes and parked up along the promenade. It was quite pleasant (and busy) walking along the promenade in the (almost) warm sunshine, north towards the pier.

Looking towards the south along South Beach.The tide is high but still a nice beach with some fine sand at the top remains. This is Central Beach.

Beyond the pier is North Beach.

Continuing along the promenade beyond the end of the town which incidentally all looks clean and freshly painted (along the front that is), some ongoing as they prepare for the season ahead. The promenade continues along to Grimsby over a stretch of wasteland, you really do feel that you are entering a different place, ahead a small bit of beach, bearing in mind that the tide is high but also that we are now on the Humber Estuary.

The beach was hosting a party for one, surrounded by wasteland and industrial units, we decided to give it a miss and return to the civilisation of Cleethorpes.

Back along the promenade we walked to the far South Beach.

And beyond where the beach turns to the marshland of Cleethorpes Nature Reserve.

There is a footpath running along the back of this Reserve, but as the sun is getting lower in the sky, we hopped back into the car and drove the short distance to Humberston. Finding a free car park in the middle of a number of holiday parks was a bit of a bonus and a short footpath takes us to Humberston Beach.

What a delightful sandy beach. Still the best was yet to come as we followed the footpath south along a section where the sandy beach was almost completely covered by the tide, though plenty of sandbanks are still exposed.

And here we arrive at Humberston Fitties Beach – what a little treasure…

Quite beautiful with lovely soft white sand.

A real find, though probably a little crowded during the summer months a definite must for a lovely sunny walk like today.

Further south you can see the marshlands of Tetney Haven, these marshlands cover much of the next 14 miles of coastline down to Theddlethorpe where we walked to yesterday.

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