Walking along the beach from Huttoft to Sutton-on-sea…..

Well, dare I say it? It was almost springlike out there today – I won’t say warm as that would be a lie but definitely warmer! Today we started from Huttoft Car Terrace and straight out onto an empty beach – Poppydog heaven.

There were a few people walking towards Anderby Creek but no one that I could see walking north towards Sutton-on-sea (our destination today).

Whilst I was happy just ambling along enjoying the sea, sky and weather, Poppydog as always has to be tearing around after something (she genuinely is not capable of just trotting along it has to be an all out gallop unless she is restrained by a lead), fortunately I came armed with thrower and two balls.

A bit further along the beach we joined Sandilands Beach, where row after row of beach hut line the promenade (running from Mablethorpe to Huttoft some 5 miles), some in serious need of some TLC but most, though boarded up for winter look well loved.

This lovely stretch of beach is just beautiful, unspoilt (not a cafe in sight) and so much sky….

Wow – we like.

After about 3 miles we have arrive at Sutton-on-sea. This seemingly residential (lots of bungalows as opposed to miles of holiday parks) village sits back behind the sea wall and promenade, mostly out of sight from the beach. A very fine beach with indeed.

At this point we decided to head back and for a change follow the promenade (it will give Poppydog a chance to dry off and de-sand before we get back) – admiring the many beach huts on our way.

I would imagine these are like gold dust to buy – with a view like this

I would want to live in it – hmmm I feel an idea coming on!!!!

A fabulous 7 mile stroll.

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