Sun, hail, rain and wind all on the way to Ingoldmells…..

A mostly sunny day, cold and still quite windy but not bad for the first of March. Not wishing to use the car today, we decided to walk along the promenade to Ingoldmells. All was good until we noticed the rather ominous grey clouds gathering inland and sure enough just as we approached Ingoldmells the heavens opened.

With nowhere to shelter and get out of the bitingly sharp hail we were soon soaked, scurrying along as fast as we could to get ahead of the shower, tantalisingly just in front.

Having originally planned to have a day off from being sandy and in Poppydogs case, wet, this had now backfired so as we waited for the storm clouds to pass over we enjoyed the empty beach. Poppydog even started to dig for that all important pot of gold, though she may have misunderstood my instructions…

As the rain moved out to sea, the sun and wind did its best to dry us off and had almost succeeded by the time we got back to site.

Back at Seathorne it was hard to imagine what all the fuss had been about.

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