Moving down to Norfolk and Sandringham….

A grey start to the day and just as we had finished packing up the inside of the van it started to rain, so I got somewhat damp finishing up and getting us on the road – nice! We are heading down the coast into Norfolk and though the journey was only 70 odd miles it was rather tedious and felt a lot longer. No matter we are now all settled in at Sandringham and very much looking forward to walking the Norfolk Coast.

When it eventually stopped raining at about 5, we set off out to explore our surroundings. Now as you know, I’m not keen on soggy and muddy dog so we followed the network of lanes that run through the Sandringham Estate.

With just birdsong for company and the odd rustling in the undergrowth we had a very pleasant stroll though I suspect that Poppydog would have preferred to be running free terrorising anything and everything that moved in the woodland!

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