A rather long walk from Leverton to try and find the sea…..

Quite sunny but still cold and windy. Today we are heading down to see if we can access the sand on the Wash. Looking at the map (Mr OS) we have decided on Leverton just beyond Wrangle as the marshlands don’t look so deep there. We end up walking at least three miles down through the lanes in amongst fields of sprouts, potatoes and other root veg.

Over three seabanks and then…

Miles and miles of marshland with yes just a little twinkle of sea on the horizon, but absolutely no way for us to get there…

Ah well you can’t get lucky every time! So back we go through the fields – a nice peaceful walk any how!

A walk around Saltfleet….

A fine, mostly sunny day today, windy still but dry. Today we are going to pay a visit to Saltfleet and see if we can get out onto the beach. According to Mr OS Saltfleet beach is accessible across the marsh and is a safe area in the marshlands and mudflats from Threddlethorpe to the south and Humberston Fitties to the north. We park up outside one of the several holiday parks in the village and follow a footpath towards the sea, however….

There is rather a lot of water around and no clear path across the marshland from here, so we follow a dryish sandy path along the shoreline for maybe a mile or so until we reach the banks of Saltfleet Haven, a raised area of dunes and attempt to follow that path out to the sea.

However before we reach the sea the path fizzles out and the way becomes increasingly slippery and wet, coupled with the fact that we can’t see anyone ahead or actually know whether it is safe to continue (though Mr OS does not mark this area as a Danger Zone) we decided to turn back. Instead we find a sandy spot in the dunes to play ball and sit awhile to admire the view…

After a time we follow the path along Saltfleet Haven inland and meander our way back to the car through this rather quaint village.

How fab is this Windmill House?

A walk around Gibraltar Point….

A mostly grey day with a fresh breeze for us today. We have decided to take a walk around Gibraltar Point (Wildlife Nature Reserve) and are soon at the Gibraltar Point Beach Car Park £2 for 2 hours – don’t like paying but as we discovered last time, walking along the beach is not an option as you have to cross a wide stream – so here we are.

The car park is about half a mile walk across the Reserve to the beach.

The whole area is a mix of low dunes, marshland and ponds, a haven for wildlife and birds (many just migrating through).

Out on the beach, just sand as far as you could see – back towards Seacroft….

And forward (south) towards Gibraltar Point….

Being a Nature Reserve, it is leads on for Poppydog, which is a bit of a shame particularly as we didn’t see any flocks of birds, just the odd gull. She could still run around in circles so all was not lost. After a mile or so we arrived at the Point, looking out across miles of sand and mudflats…

Oh yes and Norfolk just visible on the other side of the Wash. On the way back, part way along the beach, we found the footpath leading us to the visitor centre.

Unfortunately the Visitor Centre was already closed for the day – ah well we are only mildly curious, and so we made our way back to the car along an inland footpath.

Back to Chapel six Marshes for a run around….

A pretty wild night keeping us more awake than we would like but followed by a reasonably sunny day – still a bit breezy but sunny. We decided to pop back to Chapel six Marshes for a proper look at the Wind or Sound Tower.

Now the inside is supposed to tilt to line the viewing windows to line up – well it didn’t tilt but they did line up!

And wow what a lovely view to the north (above), straight ahead….

And to the south….

It is also supposed to attract the wind and create sounds – well it didn’t do that either! Maybe the wind is blowing in the wrong direction? Shame as it is a fascinating structure. Still whilst we are here we might as well venture down onto the beach, as it is surprisingly quiet, for some exercise.

Poppydog was soon tearing around alternately chasing tennis balls or gulls, whichever catch her eye.

We didn’t walk far as we have done this stretch before, just enjoyed our little patch of quietness.

Until a dirty great black cloud came along to ruin our fun and cut short our stay – we just made it back to the car in time for it to start lashing down.

Back on site only a few miles down the coast not the merest hint of any rain!! I love how the weather is so incredibly localised, along the coast and how you can often see it coming, even if you can’t always get out of its way!!

A walk along the beach to Skegness….

A grey day, chilly but dry though we have no plans to venture far. I am still trying to get caught up on this blog as I missed quite a lot of posts at the end of last years travels and beginning of this – I’d also be quite interested to know just how many beaches we have seen up to now? Will let you know when I do. So we opted for a walk along the promenade to Skegness and back along the beach (the tide is just turning).

Today the pier was open (it might be a weekend thing though it does appear that one by one things are opening up for the season ahead) so we wandered along it to get a look at the Central Beach above and North Shore below….

We made our way back along the beach, though Poppydog was stuck on her lead as there were plenty of others about and not enough beach to keep our distance. She can be such a menace if she thinks others are having more fun than her!

A fine afternoon walk, now back to work!