A life less complicated

Having reached a crossroads in my life I am choosing to step off the treadmill that is my busy life and take time out to travel.  On October 5th 2017 I set off with my Springer Poppy in our motorhome (subsequently swapped for a caravan) ‘freedombird’ initially to explore the remote beauty of the UK coastline and then – well let’s see……

We are compiling a beach guide on our way round: Freedombird UK Beach Guide

To catch up with our earlier adventures in:

  1. Cornwall from 5th October 17 to 11th February 18 –   Freedombird in Cornwall
  2. Devon from 11th February to 19th March 18 – Freedombird in North Devon
  3. Somerset from 19th March – 29th April 18 – Freedombird in Somerset
  4. South Wales from 29th April – 14th August 18 – Freedombird in South Wales
  5. West and North Wales from 14th August – 21st October 18 –


13 thoughts on “A life less complicated

  1. Hi. We are staying on the same site as you until tomorrow, when we head back to Yorkshire. We did the same walk as you yesterday, what a shame we didn’t see you. We caught the bus back after having lunch & a couple of drinks in The Cobweb. We have two whippets, they could have had a run together. I’ve read your blog so far & look forward to seeing where you travel to. How long are you travelling for?


    • Hi your idea of lunch and a couple of drinks and getting the bus back was a much better plan than the stale roll I picked up in the Spar and trudging back across the fields! I am here till Monday and then heading a bit further up the coast – not sure where yet. I will be travelling for as long as I keep on enjoying it – I reckon it will take 3 or 4 years to do the UK and then Europe (if we still can) beckons. I hope we get the chance to say hello?


  2. Hi, we are walking in to Tintagel in a while though sadly not it seems in the lovely sunshine & blue skies of the last couple of days. We saw where you were pitched yesterday when we set off along the path to Boscastle. Mark had seen your post on Instagram which is how we saw what you were doing. We’ll see if you’re around when we walk the dogs up there later? Or we are on pitch 54. Not looking forward to leaving after such a lovely week in Cornwall. We came here from a few days in St Ives, our first visit, but will not be our last hopefully. Your travel plans sound amazing, though not sure it’s something we could see ourselves doing!


    • Great – have a nice walk (loads of pubs in Tintagel) and the worst of the walk is at the start! St Ives is beautiful as well but very different to here – in my limited experience the coastline changes every few miles – all beautiful though – see you later hopefully


  3. Hi Clare

    Glad you have got your motorhome fixed. I did leave a message yesterday on your daily post but not sure you got it? Hillhead sounds lovely, will have to put it on our list of place to visit, it’s forever growing! Our next trip is not until the end of the month & already looking forward to it! Enjoy your time there.



    • Thank you – much better with running water! Yes this is a nice site – big and probably too many children during the summer (it has a seasonal outdoor pool and huge play area) – haven’t found a suitable runaround area for Poppy yet – the site one is quite small and because it is a fenced part of the main recreation field she is constantly trying to break out! Where are you off to at the end of the month?


      • Hi

        We are going to Castleton in the Peak District, the Christmas lights will be on by then and it’ll be all festive. That’s our last trip then until the end of January. Rome for New Year this year. Can you walk to the beach from the site or do you need a vehicle?



      • Hi Sandra – that sounds lovely – was thinking of heading up to Exeter to the Christmas Market there- we’ll see. I take it you are flying to Rome? That sounds so exciting. As you will see from todays post – you can walk to the beach but it is a bit of a hike back – not steep like Tintagel but just long and steep enough! I reckon it is at least a couple of miles down to the beach – speak soon


      • Hi Clare Not read it yet, it’s a lovely site & place to walk, however not much scope for loose dogs as so many sheep about!

        Thanks Sandra Sent from my iPhone

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