A nice long walk from Seamill to Hunterston….

A little light rain overnight and then much as yesterday with a grey start and then gradually more sunshine through the afternoon. We picked up from Seamill, where we left off yesterday and joined the main beach which was a fairly narrow strip of soft pink sand and quiet enough for Poppydog to go off lead straight away.

At the end of the beach heading north we picked up the coastal path for a bit over Bastion Craig a rocky headland and then we were soon back down on Ardneil Bay, another lovely pink sandy bay.

As the beach was empty we played for awhile before rejoining the coastal path which took us past Portencross Castle.

With it’s small mostly shingle little bay and a pretty little harbour.

Just beyond the harbour was a short pier which was packed with local kids (though quite where they had all come from I can’t be sure as there are precious few houses around) looking to be settling in for a bit if a party! The coast is all rocky along here but a pleasant enough walk along the grassy bank with views out to Little and Great Cumbrae Islands and of course the ever present Isle of Arran.

Then came the rather boring trudge through Hunterston Nuclear Power Station which seemed to go on for ever!

Once out the other side we saw a large area of light blue water, almost like a whirlpool in the sea and almost certainly something to do with the Power Station…

Before arriving at the rather unappealing looking Hunterston Sands….

And Southannan Sands beyond…

This was our turning point and we followed an inland cycle track through farmland most of the way back to Seamill, with maybe the last mile or so being a footpath alongside the main road. Once back in Seamill we took a quick peek down at the beach again to check on the low tide position – how lovely!

A lone yacht against the stunning silhouette of Arran….

On the way back we popped out of the car to take a quick look at Fairlie Sands as we probably won’t have time for a proper visit unless they are really special and they aren’t!

A fair 9 mile jaunt for us today!

Two thoughts of the day:

We are taking a bit of a break and leaving the caravan here, whilst we head down to Hertfordshire to visit Dad for a week.

Let’s hope it has warmed up again by the time we get back!

The pink sands of Seamill….

After some light rain and plenty of wind during the night, the morning dawned dry and calm, with the afternoon turning out to be quite sunny, though very windy on the coast. We ventured down the coast towards Ardrossan to pick up where we left off and parked up just south of West Kilbride. Our first glimpse of the sea and shore was quite exciting, especially as it is a fairly full tide (on its way out) and we weren’t sure whether there would be any beach.

But yes there was a long strip of soft almost pink sand (the colour of Ambrosia Rice Pudding!) with enough wet sand to make for comfortable walking.

The sea looking lovely and clear, though nowhere near as warm as it was last week in Ayr!

After a couple of miles we arrived on the soft, albeit a bit pebbly sands of Ardrossan.

The ferry (to Arran) terminal a large presence on the skyline.

As we wandered back along Boydston Shore the sand becomes pinker with large expanses now uncovered – a whole new Poppydog playground has opened up!

With a nice structural wreck for me to capture.

We continued along the beach, beyond where we had left the car as it is such a beautiful afternoon and were soon enjoying the lovely sands of South Inch Bay.

And it’s wonderful pink sands.

A fabulous crescent shaped beach.

And just over the headland the beautiful twin bay of North Inch.

Around yet another headland lies Seamill Beach a relatively rocky (with some fabulous rock pools) Bay with a thin strip of the mist gorgeous pink sand I have ever seen.

Even Poppydog is so impressed she is shouting about it (or maybe she just wants me to hurry up and throw the ball!

A lovely 6.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

I am rather amazed, though definitely not disappointed to find these beaches pretty empty apart from the odd walker – after all the sun is shining and it is the first week of the school holidays here!

I don’t think this stretch of beach would be much good if you are a keen swimmer as the low tide reveals some pretty rocky patches.

Moving on to Largs….

Well I’m guessing that was summer! We got off very light compared to other parts of the country but it was showery with a chilly wind during the night and all of today. A very well timed shower caught me again just as I was hitching up so we departed damp, pretty much as we arrived! A shortish 35 mile drive took us to our new home a couple of miles up Brisbane Glen, just outside Largs.

After setting up we took a walk up the valley to Outerwards Reservoir which in itself was not particularly picturesque…

But the lovely views out to sea in the distance as we wandered back down the valley and the tranquility of our 5 mile walk made up for that.

Two thoughts of the day:

Heated car seats are quite handy for drying oneself out!

Absolutely no TV signal here – now that is a first – how will I cope?

A fabulous sunny walk along Ayr Beach….

A lovely balmy evening (and we don’t get many of those), warm night and beautiful hot (oh yes) sunny day. The only beach left on this stretch for us to walk along is in fact Ayr Beach. We visited it briefly on the day we arrived but today we decided to walk along it. As expected on this beautiful day and with the local schools having broken up either yesterday or at some point today, it was pretty busy!

No matter, we walked to the waters edge and as it was deliciously warm, we paddled our way along the beach. Initially it was a bit frustrating as Poppydog desperately wanted to be let off the lead and join in all the fun, but unfortunately with so many footballs, children and others dogs about, it would have been carnage! As we got further down the beach and the crowds thinned, she was allowed to use the full length of her lead (8m) to scamper about (or sit and wistfully look at others playing!).

At the far end, where the beach is separated from Doonfoot Beach by the river Doon, there was really nobody about and so she was given some freedom and we both happily splashed about in the shallows for awhile.

It really is a stunning day, even the swans have taken a trip down the river to enjoy the shallows.I don’t know how far out you would actually have to wade until you could swim as everyone seemed to keep within 50m or so which wasn’t even waist height!A great 7 mile walk (including the walk along the river from site and back).

Two thoughts of the day:

I have not seen any sign of Lifeguards on any of the beaches so far, though both the police and fire service seemed to be patrolling from the coast road?

I also haven’t come across any dog restrictions on any of the beaches so far – fabulous!

A beautiful summers day at Newton-on-Ayr….

A lovely still warm night followed by a glorious hot summers day – now this we could get used to!

We needed to get a puncture repaired on the car today so I took it into Kwik Fit and left it there whilst Poppydog and I went off in search of the beach. On the way we passed a dog grooming parlour so we popped in on the off chance, as Poppydog’s ears are seriously matted and she won’t let me near them! As they were waiting for a client to arrive, they offered to do her ears right away – result! Now bearing in mind she was skittering and dodging about they managed to do a pretty decent job in removing all the tangles and cropping her ears fairly evenly. When I asked how much it would be – I was just told to put a couple of quid in the charity box!

To get over her trauma we hurried down for a serious play on the mostly empty Newton-on-Ayr beach.

Surprisingly the water was really quite warm!

Thats the first proper paddle I’ve had this year! Poppydog enjoyed it too!

And with her ‘go faster’ ears was quite content to race around chasing a ball or seagulls for a couple of hours until it was time to go and fetch the car.

The car was ready for us and when I asked how much it would be, I was told ‘Ach it was just a wee screw which I pulled out and repaired the wee hole so just put a few quid in the charity box’ – can you believe that?

Two thoughts of the day:

How do the Scots stay in business?

Life is about to change as the Scottish school holidays start at the end of this week – I wonder?