Llandanwg beach in the sun, rain and wind….

Rainy start to the day with showers on and off all day, but a little bit of sunshine during the afternoon. Today we drove a couple of miles south from Harlech to the little coastal village of Llandanwg, parking up by the entrance to the beach. Smallish car park and only £1.10 for up to four hours which I thought was ok. The beach to the left had a seasonal dog ban.

Not a problem as the beach to the right (or north) looked nicer and was enjoying better weather!

This part stone and coarse sandy beach was deserted and with enough stones to keep Poppydog amused we walked the mile or so to the far end, where as the tide receded you could access Harlech Sands.

The dramatic clouds accumulating at the southern end of the beach didn’t look too inspiring.

But we enjoyed a good while pottering around on the beach.

Before you could see the rain coming across Harlech beach, with all views of the mountains gone and sure enough we were soon caught in a fortunately short sharp shower.

A little damp we headed back along the beach and took a quick peep at the little church sheltering in amongst the dunes, before returning to site.

Two thoughts of the day:

I wonder if sitting out in the early evening sun drinking a glass of wine is a thing of the past? I hope not.

Still proudly wearing shorts – how much longer?

Bennar Sands continuing on to Dyffryn Sands….

Mostly bright and sunny day again, though there is now a definite Autumn feel to the air. We said farewell to our guest this morning and then set off to Bennar to enjoy a FLAT beach walk. There is quite a big P&D car park serving the beach and the dune Nature Reserve but as it was quiet there was also some off-road parking for free at the end of the lane and took the short boardwalk through the dunes to the beach. To the left had a seasonal dog ban.

To right though still plenty of sand to enjoy.

The first part of the beach had a pebble ridge which was then replaced with the dunes of Morgan Dyffryn Nature Reserve as we joined Dyffryn Sands (no obvious distinction from beach to beach).

There is a naturist section to this beach but way too chilly for that today! And no sunbathing in the dunes! Why?

The beaches were very quiet, especially for nice you got beyond the sort of ‘half a mile from a parking area’ zones and enough pebbles park n the beach to keep Poppydog chasing back and forth in their pursuit!

She was distracted enough for us to get reasonably close to a Shag basking in the sunshine by the waters edge.

At the end of the sandy beach to go round the corner to Shell Island, across the rocky beach are spectacular views across to Harlech Beach and the mountains beyond.

Three miles each way of lovely sand is enough for us today.

Two thoughts of the day:

I know for a fact that I have calf muscles today, because they ache!!

Apart from the odd inconvenient estuary you could walk for miles and miles along this sandy stretch of coastline – perhaps I should get a kayak to cross the rivers!

Snowdon oh yes Snowdon….

Bright and mostly sunny day today and we have a guest! My nephew has popped to see us before heading off to New Zealand for two years. What would he like to do? Climb Snowdon of course! Ok so we did!

We drove along the stunning Llanberis Pass, taking a moment to pull over and capture the view.

Parking up in Llanberis (reluctantly paying £6 for 8 hours as we have a long enough walk ahead of us without parking in some lay-by further out!) we set straight off up the Llanberis Path, which is the easiest!!! of 6 routes up the 1085m mountain. The path is 9 miles (4.5 calf shaping up and 4.5 knee wobbling down!) complete of stone or scree with stunning views from the off.

The path was surprisingly busy (all the trains for the day were fully booked – I checked!) but we were happy walkers with ideal weather conditions.

Stopping at the halfway cafe for a much need cup of tea and slice of cake (on the way up and down) the views just got better.

The incline was quite steep to start off with and then became much more friendly for the middle section and then – well steeper and rougher underfoot it got!

As we started the final ascent, I knew I was going to struggle so I suggested that John and Poppydog (who was loving it and would have done the round trip in an hour probably left to her own devices) went on ahead to make sure that they reached the summit whilst I stopped to catch my breath for a while before continuing .

I have to confess to not quite making it too the top and deciding to share a perch with a seagull and wait for the wanderers to return – ah well there’s always next time!

Amazing day!

Two thoughts of the day:

Eat and


From Llanaber to Barmouth……

After a really wild and wet night which gave us a few sleepless hours because of the sheer noise, the wind and rain had blown itself out (or moved on!) by the morning and the rest of the day was mostly grey with a bit of sunshine late afternoon. Today we planned to visit Barmouth and so parked up in a lay-by in Llanaber, a small village before and took the footpath down through a cemetery and over a footbridge over the railway down onto the beach.

Lovely and empty, this wide sandy beach went on for miles in either direction, towards Barmouth (above) and along Llanaber Beach to the north.

We walked towards Barmouth.

And the beach opens up even further as you get to the town and estuary.

With views up the estuary to the footbridge and Fairbourne on the other side.

From the end of the beach we walked around the harbour with views to Porth Aberamffra cove on the far side.

We walked back along the promenade, mainly because I got fed up of throwing a tennis ball for Poppydog and re-joined the beach at the end of the groins. We enjoyed a good play on the now empty wide expanse of beach before heading home.

Two thoughts of the day:

Uploading photos here is so painful!

Dinner out again tonight as my nephew has arrived for a couple of days before he sets off for a trip of a lifetime to New Zealand.

Today we were blown along Harlech Beach…

Grey and wild, best describes today, but at least it stayed dry until about 4 and then, well! In the meantime a bag full of washing took up the morning – well ok a few minutes to put it in the washer and …..

No plans to venture out in the car, so we wandered back down to the beach armed with a couple of tennis balls. It was nearly empty, apart from a couple of brave kite surfers (how do they not just take off?), so Poppydog got a pass to freedom as we walked to the far end (south).

With four miles of sand here, within easy reach – I think that this fortnight will be a pleasure!

From the far end of the beach – look at the mountains, shrouded in mist – hope we get to see them on a bright and clear day!

We so nearly made it back before the rain – my poor, so nearly line dry washing!

Two thoughts of the day:

It is mighty blowy out there tonight!

Pretty impressive sculpture of an Eagle at the site entrance don’t you think?

At night