From Old Hartley to Blyth….

Well it rained all night and was still pretty miserable through the morning but just what we wanted it brightened up through the afternoon with even a bit of decent sunshine towards the end. Today we are walking north from site, avoiding the first mile of the coastal path which we know from experience is very water logged and joining the coast again at Colleywell Bay.

Even at low tide it still isn’t that pretty with only a bit of shingly coarse sand and mostly just slabs of rock bed. We carry on to Seaton Sluice…

A rather abstract harbour designed to flush out the sand and silt at each high tide and keep the harbour functional for the coal industry now long since departed but the harbour is still home to a number of fishing and leisure craft aand looks quite different with the tide in (photos taken on our return)

Crossing over the river we joined Seaton Sluice Sands….

A long stretch of low dune backed fairly coarse sand. Though not busy there were enough walkers and dogs about to mean that Poppydog had to stay on her lead but with 8m of lead to playwith not too much of a hardship!

After a mile or so we had to venture into the dunes briefly to cross a large pipe feeding a stream across the beach….

On the other side we joined South Beach, Blyth and the sun came out to join us….

Here the sand was paler and much finer and separated into sections by groynes, it was also surprisingly much quieter so Poppydog could have a good runaround…..

We walked to the far end, up to and inbetween the sheltering East and West Piers, enjoying the peace and lovely warm sunshine….

And getting a closer look at the East Pier Lighthouse…..

When it was time to return, as the tide had come in significantly we chose to follow the coastal path back through the dunes to complete our 8.5 mile walk.

A walk along the beach from Seahouses to Bamburgh Lighthouse…..

Well it rained most of the night and into the morning but though still very grey, by lunchtime the wet stuff had moved on and at least it has cleared the mist! We popped in the car to a lay-by on the outskirts of Seahouses (all the car parks in the village are Pay & Display) and made our way across St Aiden’s dunes down to Seahouses Beach.A very different picture to yesterday and stretching much further than I imagined.The tide was fully in and the beach much busier with walkers (mindyou I wouldn’t have seen any walkers yesterday!). It was clear enough to see Inner Farne (one of the 20 odd Farne Islands).

After about a mile we clambered over some rocks and found ourselves on the lovely Bamburgh Beach.

Glimpses of the castle through the dunes, and then there she is….

Quite magnificent – beyond the castle the beach became much quieter and Poppydog was able to have a proper run around as we continued on to the end of the beach.

At the end of the beach we clambered up for a closer look at the small and less impressive Lighthouse, the day was by no means clear enough to see Longstone Lighthouse.

And not exactly the White Horse or Lion but hey!….

Beyond the Lighthouse the shore becomes rocky for awhile until the next beach visible beyond the crashing waves.

At this point we followed the footpath inland with a last look along the beach.

Then we wandered around the outside of the castle….

And walked back along the roadside footpath – about 7.5 miles.

A walk around Berwick-upon-Tweed….

Wet overnight and well into the morning but it cleared up by lunchtime so we set off to explore our surroundings. Today we decided to wander into Berwick and walked across the old bridge over the Tweed.

The original town is walled with many pretty mews.

We walked along the wall, running along the waters edge and continued along the long Pier (a breakwater built to protect the town and river inlet) to the Lighthouse at the end.

On the way back along the sea wall we caught our first glimpse of dolphins – how magical! I wasn’t sure at first as the water is quite choppy, but yes we watched them in the bay just before it narrows to become the Tweed estuary – I’m not sure how many but at least half a dozen kept bobbing in the waves – no jumping or dancing but plenty of bobbing! I took about 20 photos and this was the best of the bunch…

Well after all that standing around on the Pier, Poppydog deserved a good beach run around, so we ventured down to the beach abutting the start of the Pier – aptly named Little Pier Beach.

The sun made a weak appearance as we played on the beach and is always welcome. After a time we cut across the grass covered low dunes…

From here we made our way back across the town and across the road bridge so that we could get a better look at the beautiful old bridge on the seaward side.

And the fabulous railway viaduct further inland.

A lovely 6 mile walk with plenty still to explore.