A wild walk battling the tides…

Well a bit on the wild side again, with yhe odd shower but mostly dry and a fair bit of sunshine around. Today, I spenot a chunk of the day working out the new phone and sorting photos before we set out for our walk. Even though the tide was fully in, I had though that there would be a little bit of sand to spare at our favourite Eyebroughy Beach – not so ….

In fact we didn’t even make it as far as our beach as the tide was too high and the waves crashing in cutting us off from the beach. We sat on a little dry patch of stones for awhile to see if it was worth trying to wait it out, keeping a watchful eye mind as we weren’t certain that the tide was fully in and I think this was close enough!

Poppydog was happy – as long as she has a stone to chase!

After a while we gave it up as a bad job and retreated to King’s Cairn beach, which was already showing some sand.

This beach was deserted so even though there was only a thin strip of sand there was plenty of room for Poppydog.