From Howick down to Iron Scar and onto Craster….

The weather is being quite kind at the moment, raining at night and dry albeit rather windy and cool during the day, today at least was mostly sunny. Today we drove to Howick, finding a rather handy lay-by and followed a footpath down to the shore and lovely little strip of sand at Iron Scar.There are a number of sandy bays, between the rocky outcrops, heading southwards which we shall enjoy another day, as today our destination is again Craster, but this time we are approaching from the south. As the tide is still a way out we scrambled along the rocky shore until we arrived at Howick Haven.From this point the shore became a bit trickier to negotiate so we joined the coastal path running along the top and enjoyed the sight and sounds of the waves crashing beneath us.

After a while we came across this little gem…

A lovely sandy little bay, Seahouses Bay, almost completely surrounded by rock, an absolute gem especially on a day like today – almost totally sheltered from the wind – here we shall stop and play for a while.

We went back up on the footpath and from here it was a mile or so until we arrived on the outskirts of Craster.

Looking even nicer today in the sunshine – yep we could holiday here.

Back up through the village and along the lanes to the car to complete this 7.5 mile round walk.

From Cheswick village to Goswick Sands….

Still quite windy but a bit more sun around today, not a lot but a bit! We wanted to go back to Goswick Sands today, so this time we found somewhere to tuck the car in Cheswick (just a few houses and farms) and walked the 3 miles or so along the lanes and eventually across the dunes to the beach.

This really is a long way from anywhere and there appears to be no formal parking apart from for the Golf Course and the lanes too narrow to allow for verge parking, so I was not surprised to discover that again we had the beach to ourselves.

The sea too is a long way out and we contented ourselves with walking around to where the beach gives way to marshland at Beal Point with views over to Holy Island (just a bit of greenery on the horizon from here).

Poppydog was of course happy to chase balls across this great expanse of sand.

Until it was time for us to head back and complete this 8 mile walk.

Where else would we spend our last full day in Scotland….

Well what a surprise today turned out – wall to wall sunshine and beautifully warm. After a few domestic chores (the Dyson is brilliant – Poppydog watch out!), we left our washing out on the line to air dry (a novelty in itself as it has either been too windy or too showery to risk) and set off for our favourite beach.

Eyebroughy beach – it doesn’t actually havery a name according to Mr OS but I tthink it deserves one and the island at the far end of the beach is called Eyebroughy – so that works for me!

We had a lovely afternoon and I don’t need to say anymore….

Two thoughts of the day:

I think this is the best all round place we have stayed, so far on our journey – plenty of walks from site, 4 beaches within easy reach – 3 of them generally empty and quite a few more within walking distance, walking distance to busy town of North Berwick and pretty villages of Gullane and Dirleton – ideal. St David’s in Pembrokeshire would be my second choice.

Sad to think that this us our last full day in Scotland for the time being but we will be back and will definitely call in here again.

A local beach run for us today…

It was a very windy night and incidentally it didn’t occur to me to close the window to cut down on the noise until stupid o clock! By the morning the wind had died down a little but it was still quite wild though dry and quite sunny but only warm in the shelter. We are treating ourselves to a couple more beach days within walking distance of site, so today we headed down to Broad Sands.

Then off to the west to Eyebroughy Beach, our personal favourite and as per not a body in sight.

After a good stretch on here we wandered around the headland and along Muirhead Beach.

A good 6.5 mile tramp, battling the wind on the way out and being blown all the way back – one happy and hopefully tired Poppydog!

From North Berwick to Horseshoe Bay…..

Still pretty wild, especially along the cliff tops but at least for the most part it is dry. We park up along the front of East Beach at North Berwick.

And walk eastwards along this magnificent beach, Poppydog on the lead for a while as inspire of her wind there are a few people wandering along the beach.

At the end of the beach we followed the path up onto the cliff tops briefly before we made our way down back to the next beach along – the Leithies.

A lovely sandy area with rugged rocky outcrops.

From here we could walk along the rocky shore for a mile or so until we reached Horseshoe Bay.

A beautiful stretch of yellow sandy shore with breathtaking views of Bass Rock.

Some of the rock pools were very deep, iindeed had it been a bit warmer I might have been tempted to give this natural ‘hot tub’ a whirl!

Well this will do us nicely, especially as it is relatively sheltered and there is the odd bit of sunshine for us to enjoy.

How stunning…

A fab 5 mile walk – bracing!