A wander along the beach at Shepherds Port….

A mostly sunny day, though it did cloud over late morning and then brighten up during the afternoon. Still a chilly breeze so the shorts are still on hold! Today we are off to find the nearest bit of beach and arrive down at a little place (mostly holiday parks and RSPB Reserve) called Shepherds Port. We sneakily parked in a still closed cafe car park as the main car park was chargeable and walked the half a mile or so to the beach.

The tide is pretty much in and the remaining beach of stony sand backed by dune covered sea wall seemed to stretch on forever north (above) and off around a bend to the south.

Around the bend as we walked southwards is a sheltered stone and sand bay before the beach is replaced by the mudflats and marshlands of The Wash.

Here we left the beach and continued along the coastal path which runs along the sea wall (all hidden under stony sand and marram grass) to look at the Nature Reserve behind us.

Heading back along the sea wall we soon come upon a row of shanty houses, some in a better state of repair than others.

Though still battened down for the winter, you can imagine that they are well loved during the summer – the sea just over the wall and Reserve Wetlands behind. The only downside I can see is that the beach is rather muddy once the tide starts to recede.

Hence Poppydog is lead bound, well that and the fact that we are on the edge of the RSPB Reserve and I always fear a ‘Fenton’ scenario!!

A lovely last shot as we head home…

Chasing seagulls at Ingoldmells….

A rather nice sunny day, still a tad chilly but the wind has dropped for a while at least. A bit of a domestic day for us today making the most of the fine weather to de-sand the van and do a bit of washing. All done, we set off for a walk along the beach. North of Seathorne, the beach is backed by the huge Butlins Holiday Park which is all fenced in with only one access point and though there appear to be plenty of people in the holiday park they don’t appear to be beach types and so we have the beach to ourselves.

And poppydog gets to do what she likes best, run free and chase seagulls…

This one in particular was definitely ‘playing’ staying up above but never too far away….

One happy, wet and sandy hound….

Oh well it wouldn’t be right to have the van stay sand free for too long!

Couldn’t resist another photo of Seathorne – we shall miss this view….

A rather long walk from Leverton to try and find the sea…..

Quite sunny but still cold and windy. Today we are heading down to see if we can access the sand on the Wash. Looking at the map (Mr OS) we have decided on Leverton just beyond Wrangle as the marshlands don’t look so deep there. We end up walking at least three miles down through the lanes in amongst fields of sprouts, potatoes and other root veg.

Over three seabanks and then…

Miles and miles of marshland with yes just a little twinkle of sea on the horizon, but absolutely no way for us to get there…

Ah well you can’t get lucky every time! So back we go through the fields – a nice peaceful walk any how!

A walk around Saltfleet….

A fine, mostly sunny day today, windy still but dry. Today we are going to pay a visit to Saltfleet and see if we can get out onto the beach. According to Mr OS Saltfleet beach is accessible across the marsh and is a safe area in the marshlands and mudflats from Threddlethorpe to the south and Humberston Fitties to the north. We park up outside one of the several holiday parks in the village and follow a footpath towards the sea, however….

There is rather a lot of water around and no clear path across the marshland from here, so we follow a dryish sandy path along the shoreline for maybe a mile or so until we reach the banks of Saltfleet Haven, a raised area of dunes and attempt to follow that path out to the sea.

However before we reach the sea the path fizzles out and the way becomes increasingly slippery and wet, coupled with the fact that we can’t see anyone ahead or actually know whether it is safe to continue (though Mr OS does not mark this area as a Danger Zone) we decided to turn back. Instead we find a sandy spot in the dunes to play ball and sit awhile to admire the view…

After a time we follow the path along Saltfleet Haven inland and meander our way back to the car through this rather quaint village.

How fab is this Windmill House?

Dodging the showers with a brisk walk to Ingoldmells…

Windy, showery, sunny a bit if everything for us today. We have decided not to venture far so we take a brisk walk along the promenade to Ingoldmells. Enjoying the dramatic skies above Seathorne.

Enjoying the emptiness of Ingoldmells Beach for Poppydog to let off some steam chasing seabirds.

And back along the promenade to moody Seathorne again….

A couple of hours and 5 miles is enjoyable and enough!